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Out-of-the-box Supported Plugins

Our extensive list of integrations allow you to monitor your entire stack. We support a wide range of plugins that can be accessed from our GitHub repository. Plugins feature comes for free along with our advanced Server Monitoring capabilities. 

Here's the list of plugins that we support:

Linux Platform

Monitor various attributes with our extensive out-of-the-box plugins support

MySQL | Redis | MongoDB | NGINX | HAProxy | ZooKeeper | WordPress | Apache | Memcached | Zombie Process | Postgres | RabbitMQ | Varnish Cache | VoltDB | CouchDB | Riak | DB2 | ActiveMQ | Kafka | Tomcat | WebLogic | Couchbase | GlassFish | Ehcache | Hadoop | Lighttpd | NGINX Plus | iDRAC | Mule

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External Integrations:

Execute all your existing Nagios plugins in Site24x7 and harness the power of the open source community by our extensive integrations.

Write your own Linux plugins

Also, use our open ecosystem and create custom plugins to see the data you need.

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Windows Platform

Write your own Windows plugins and monitor the data you need.

DLL | Batch | VB | PowerShell

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