Help Administrative Actions

Administrative Actions

A Site24x7 User with administrative privileges can execute the following actions from the Admin tab in Site24x7 web client.


Get to know how to add a resource like Website, Web application instance, Server, AWS, VM etc. Learn how to combine resources into Monitor Groups and Subgroups, or even Bulk import/export monitors in minutes. Also, understand the concept of Deep Discovery of resources and automating monitor comfiguration in Site24x7.
Add Monitor | Monitor Groups | Import/Export Monitors | Configuration Rules

Learn about the features present in the page where your monitors and monitor groups are listed.
Monitors List View | Monitor Groups List View

User and Alert Management

Learn how to organize your Site24x7 account–learn more about user roles, user permissions, setting up alerting and user groups.
Users and Alerts | User Alert Groups | Attribute Alert GroupUser Roles and Privileges | On-Call Schedule

Set-up OAuth provider

Create multiple OAuth application profiles. Generate access tokens to successfully authorize monitoring of Websites/APIs secured with OAuth. Learn more

Create JSON Web Tokens

Register Site24x7 with your authentication server to monitor protected resources using Web Tokens. Learn more

Alarms View

Organize Site24x7 alerts by monitor name and severity. Pinpoint alarms that need to be given the highest priority and delegate alarms to individual technicians.

Configuration Profiles

Maintain one place configuration for all the monitors created and apply settings across them uniformly.
Add Location Profile | Notification Profile | Threshold and Availability | Email Template | Global Parameters | OAuth ProviderActions

Server Monitor

A one place configuration for all your server monitors added. 
Resource Checks | Configuration Template | Plugin Template Configuration | Agent Overview and Security | Settings

Report Settings

Configure the required options and setting for your reports.
Add Scheduled Reports | Customize Reports | SLA Settings | Business Hours | Milestone Marker


Understand about various operations in your Site24x7 account–take your resources offline for any upgrade or maintenance purpose using Schedule Maintenance.
Scheduled Maintenance | Log Report | Alert Logs | Audit Logs | Executed Actions History


Publish the performance, uptime and status of your monitors and monitor groups–integrate these with your webpages.
Status Pages | Uptime Button | Operation Dashboard | Public Reports


Know more about user's authentication token to interact with service to pull and access data.
Device Key | API 

Third Party Integration

Integrate with third party applications and build powerful workflows on-the-go.
PagerDuty | Zapier | Slack| Microsoft Teams | WebhooksManageEngine AlarmsOne | ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus On-PremiseManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand                  

Site24x7 Tags

Use Site24x7 Tags to organize and manage monitors creatively. Create unique tags by assigning simple name-value pairs and colors.


Perform Admin actions, track the status of your monitors and download various agents and recorders.

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Help Administrative Actions