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Monitor the performance of your Postgres server

Configure Postgres plugin to monitor the performance metrics of your Postgres Server. Use these key indicators to ensure continuous functioning of your Postgres server. Take informed troubleshooting decisions by keeping track of critical metrics including:
  • Number of currently idle users/backends connected to the database
  • Number of currently actine users/backends connected to the database
  • Sum of number of queries canceled due to conflicts with recovery across all databases
  • Usage rate of the cache, calculated using SUM(blks_hit) / SUM(blks_read)
  • Sum of number of transactions that have been rolled back across all databases
  • Sum of number of transactions that have been commited across all databases.
  • Number of buffers written directly by a backend
  • Number of buffers written during checkpoints
  • Number of scheduled checkpoints that have been performed
Learn how to install Postgres plugin from Site24x7 Postgres GitHub repository  

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It's could be used to monitor postgres metrics from RDS deployments?

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Yes, the same Postgres plugin can be used to monitor metrics from RDS deployments. Please ensure

  • Both the EC2 and RDS deployments are in the same security group.
  • The inbound and outbound connections for EC2 and RDS are opened.

For any other queries, please comment in the below thread or drop an email to support@site24x7.com



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