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Adding a Monitor

Website Monitoring

Monitor the performance, availability and security of your web pages and critical ports for the continuity of day-to-day operations.
Website | Web Page Speed (Browser) | Website Defacement | Domain Expiry | REST API | SOAP Web Service | DNS ServerPOP Server | Port (Custom Protocol) | SMTP Server | Ping | FTP Server | FTP Transfer | Mail Delivery | NTP ServerSSL/TLS Certificate | Real-time Blacklist (RBL) Check | WebSocket | Brand Reputation | ISP Latency

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring

Ensure availability and performance of web applications, API endpoints, and multi-step web transactions.
Web TransactionWeb Transaction (Browser) | REST API Transaction | Web Transaction (Browser) - Selenium WebDriver | SaaS Synthetics

API Monitoring

Ensure availability of API endpoints and multi-step API transactions from end-to-end.
REST API | REST API Monitor - Swagger 2.0 (YAML/JSON/ZIP)/HAR/CSVSOAP Web ServiceREST API Transaction | File Upload Monitor | gRPC Monitor

Virtualization Monitoring

Monitor the performance of your virtual infrastructure and resolve performance issues before it affects end-users.
VMware ESX/ESXi | VMware VMvCenter | VMware Datastore | VMware Snapshot | VMware Resource pool |  Docker Monitor | VMware Cluster

VMware VDI: Horizon 

Nutanix: Nutanix Cluster | Nutanix Host | Nutanix VM

Backup Monitoring

Veeam: Veeam Enterprise Manager

Server Monitoring

Exhaustive monitoring capabilities to enhance the performance and availability of your business critical servers.
Windows Server Monitor |Linux Server Monitor | FreeBSD Server Monitor | OS X Server Monitor | Server Monitor (Agentless)                                                                    

Plugin Integrations

Plugins are a great way to measure customized attributes and keep track of the data that matters the most. You can set thresholds to individual attributes and choose to get alerted if the set values exceed.
Learn More

Microsoft Applications Monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring of your critical applications to deliver unmatched availability and performance.
Microsoft IIS | Microsoft SQL | Microsoft Exchange | Microsoft BizTalk | Microsoft SharePoint | Microsoft Office 365 | Microsoft Active Directory | Microsoft Failover Cluster | Microsoft Hyper-V | Windows Backup

Cron & Heartbeat Monitoring

Start monitoring your cron jobs, daemons, micro-services and almost anything else that can send a HTTP request.
Learn More

On-Premise Poller

Monitor internal network/resources behind your firewall and ensure optimal performance. Learn more on how to add an On-Premise Poller and its architecture.

Network Monitoring

Monitor critical network devices such as Routers, Switches, Firewalls and more that assist network teams to monitor, visualize and optimize network devices and interface performance. 

Export your network traffic (NetFlows) to Site24x7 to monitor the traffic flows and bandwidth performance in real time. 

Monitor the quality of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services throughout the call path using Cisco IPSLA.

Track configuration changes, automate device configuration backups, and restore configurations across multiple vendor devices.

Mobile Network Poller

Monitor mobile websites and mobile app APIs via 3G/4G Carrier networks and enterprise Wifi using a real mobile device running Android.

Multi-cloud Monitoring

Discover and monitor all your cloud resources in one console. Set up alerts, associate tags with resources, automate actions, and analyze trends in customizable dashboards. 

Microsoft Azure | Google Cloud Platform (GCP) | Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Application Performance Monitoring

Identify and resolve performance degradation of your web transactions.
Real User Monitoring (Web)  | APM Insight using Java | APM Insight using .Net | APM Insight using Ruby On Rails | APM Insight using PHP | APM Insight using Node.js | APM Insight using Python

Mobile APM

Gain in-depth insights into your mobile app performance to deliver an exceptional end-user experience.
Mobile APM for Android | Mobile APM for iOS | Mobile APM for React Native | Mobile APM for Flutter

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