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Application Performance Monitoring

Monitor your entire application stack, from URLs to databases, with complete visibility using Site24x7 APM Insight, an application performance monitoring tool. Empowered with this tool, you can track all the transactions that happen and optimize them before your end users are affected. 

With application performance monitoring, you can track exceptions as they occur and get a detailed overview of the root cause of the problem.

Supported platforms

Click on the appropriate icon to learn more about that agent.

Metrics and configuration

Optimize your application performance by understanding the key metrics of APM Insight.

Understand the basic terminologies and various parameters that are being used in APM Insight.
APM metrics

Understand the correlation between the app server response time and the overall response time of your application.
Overall response time

Understand how your application components connect and communicate with each other and their impact on application performance.
Application components

Understand how background transactions are monitored and decide what kinds of transactions need to be monitored.
Track background transactions | Group similar transactions | Exclude transactions from monitoring

Understand how APM Insight handles autoscaling for cloud-based applications.
Handling autoscaling

The Data Exporter is an independent process that communicates application metrics and traces to the Site24x7 server.

Additional features

Get the most out of Site24x7 APM Insight by understanding its core features and how they help you optimize application performance.

Track transactions across multiple applications. Identify errors and exceptions across the entire stack.
Distributed tracing

Monitor your custom classes, methods, and frameworks for code-level insights using custom instrumentation.
Custom instrumentation

Get alerted whenever your application monitor goes into a Trouble state.
APM alerts

Analyze your application performance at both the instance level and application level with granular details.
APM reports

Compare and observe your application performance over various time periods.
Compare reports

Track your product updates or feature enhancements for future reference and analysis.
Milestone marker

Eliminate bottlenecks by identifying time-consuming resources.
 Thread profiling | Thread dump analysis

Identify and address memory leaks before they seriously affect your Java application's performance.
Memory leak detection

Monitor and track the performance of asynchronous functions along with web transactions in your Java application.
Async request tracking

Get a complete picture of how your applications connect and communicate with external dependencies.
Application dependency maps

Monitor the size, numeric value, or frequency of an operation or variable and identify potential bottlenecks.
App parameters

Monitor business-critical transactions by grouping them under APM Key Transactions.
Configure APM key transactions

Activate, delete, or suspend monitors in bulk without using APIs. You can also add tags or associate them with a monitor group in bulk.
Bulk action

APM Insight - OpenAI integration

Gain valuable insights into your OpenAI usage, perform model-wise cost analysis, log prompts and responses, identify errors, and more.
OpenAI Observability

APM Insight - Server integration

Get a complete picture of your application's performance along with the metrics of the connected servers.
Integration of APM Insight and servers

Integrate APM Insight with RUM

Real user monitoring (RUM) helps you gauge your customer satisfaction level in real time. APM Insight and RUM are contextually integrated to provide you a holistic view of your application's performance on a single console.
Integrate APM with RUM

Monitor Azure functions

Monitor Azure function performance using the APM Insight agent.
Configure the APM agent in Azure functions

Mobile APM

Track the performance of your mobile applications with Site24x7 APM Insight mobile agents.
Android APM | iOS APM | React Native | Flutter

Best practices

Refer to our best practices documents for valuable tips to enhance your monitoring experience.

Licensing types

APM Insight operates on two licensing models: Advanced monitor license and the APM host-based license. Read more to know about its implementation.

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