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Site24x7 is a web infrastructure monitoring service that helps monitor the uptime and performance of websites, online applications and servers. The monitoring is done from 90+ locations across the world, thus giving you a global perspective of the end-user experience. Site24x7 supports HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, TCP, IMAP, SSL, Ping, FTP, SFTP, DNS monitoring and other internet facing network services.

Site24x7 Server Monitoring helps track server performance, captures critical metrics such as CPU, Disk, Memory, Process, Services and Network Utilization of Windows and Linux servers and notifies incase of server outages. With On-Premise Poller you can monitor resources behind the firewall and discover the performance of your entire VMware environment through vCenter server. Also using Mobile Network Poller, you can get carrier and location specific insights on how your websites and apps are performing from mobile users'perspective.

Site24x7 helps monitor your critical cloud resources. You can get to discover all EC2 and RDS Instances that are available in your Amazon account and monitor the availablity and performance with Site24x7 AWS Monitoring.

Using Application Performance Monitoring, you can pinpoint application servers and app components that are generating errors and also get in-depth understanding of problems affecting the real users accessing websites and applications with Real User Monitoring

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Help Overview