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Schedule IT Automation

In addition to automating repetitive manual tasks with our exclusive set of IT Automation tools, you can also schedule the automation(s) to take place one after the other when an incident takes place.


If you haven't added an IT automation yet, add one and then add a schedule monitor.

Add a Schedule IT Automation Monitor

  1. Log in to Site24x7 and go to Admin > IT Automation Templates > Schedule IT Automation. You can also navigate via Server > Schedule IT Automation (+).
  2. Provide a Display Name for identification purposes.
  3. Choose an existing IT Automation Template from the drop-down.
  4. Select the Frequency based on which the automations should be executed: daily, weekly, monthly by date, monthly by day.
  5. Mention the Start Time for the schedule in the format hh:mm.
  6. Enter a Time-out period for your execution, representing the maximum time period the agent has to wait for the automation execution to complete. Post that, there will be a time-out error. The time-out is applicable for the entire monitor, not for each automation added for schedule. 

    The time-out is set at 10 minutes, by default. You can define a time-out between 5-720 minutes.

  7. Under Configuration Profiles, add new or choose existing User Alert Group and Tags. Save your changes.

Once the monitor is added, you will be able to see it under Server > Schedule IT Automation. Click on the added monitor to view logs specific to that monitor, outages, and inventory details.


This is a basic monitor.

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