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Automatically invoke an API in the Amazon API Gateway

Automatically post a request body or retrieve data from a deployed API resource in response to threshold violation or monitor status change events.


  • You must have enabled API Gateway Integration.
  • You must have active monitored API resources in your Site24x7 subscription account.

Required permissions

Site24x7 makes use of the Amazon API Gateway REST API to make HTTP requests. Please make sure the following partial write level actions are present in the IAM policy assigned to the Site24x7 IAM entity (IAM Role or IAM user)

  • apigateway:GET
  • apigateway:POST

Create Action Profile

  • Sign in to your Site24x7 account. Choose Admin from the left navigation pane.
  • Choose IT Automation Templates
  • Click on the dropdown menu. From the list, choose Invoke API Gateway Resource URL.
  • For Action to be performed, keep the default.
  • Click on the dropdown menu and choose the API Gateway resources where you want to do the intended action.
  • The HTTP Method represents the action that can be performed on the resource. You can choose between GET and POST HTTP methods and depending on your choice, a request body editor would appear.
    If you are choosing the POST method, you can also choose to give the request body in JSON format by clicking the Post as JSON checkbox.
  • The HTTP Request Headers option helps you pass additional information with the request. For example you can set a content type header to help the server parse the request body properly.
  • Configure a suitable Max Allowed Action Execution Time. This will determine the number of seconds Site24x7 will wait before a request times out.
  • Send the Automation Result via Email: You can choose to receive an email regarding the automation result by toggling this setting to Yes, and share automation results via an email to your User Alert Group configured in the Notification Profile. This email will contain parameters including the automation name, type of automation, incident reason, destination hosts, and more.
  • Click Save.
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Help AWS Service Actions API Gateway Service Actions