Amazon SNS Monitoring Integration

Amazon SNS is a fully managed Pub/Sub messaging service that makes it easy to send notifications from the cloud. With Site24x7's AWS SNS integration you can collect and monitor performance and usage stats for your active SNS topics to identify abnormal behavior.

Setup and configuration

  • If you haven't done it already, please enable Site24x7 access to your AWS resources by creating Site24x7 as an IAM user or by creating a cross-account IAM role between you AWS account and Site24x7's AWS account. Learn more.
  • Next, in the Integrate AWS Account page, please make sure the SNS Topic check box under the Services to be discovered field is selected. Learn more.

Policies and Permissions

Please make sure the following read level actions are present in the policy assigned to the Site24x7 IAM entity. Learn more.

  • "sns:ListSubscriptions",
  • "sns:ListSubscriptionsByTopic",
  • "sns:ListTagsForResource",
  • "sns:ListTopics",
  • "sns:GetTopicAttributes",
  • "sns:GetSMSAttributes"

Polling frequency

Site24x7 queries the CloudWatch API and other service level APIs as per the poll frequency set (1 minute to a day), to collect performance metrics and metadata for your active SNS topics. Learn more.

IT Automations

You can add automations for the AWS services supported by Site24x7. Log in to Site24x7 and go to Admin > IT Automation Templates (+) > Add Automation Templates. Once automations are added, you can schedule them to be executed one after the other.

You can now publish messages to a SNS topic using Amazon SNS automations.

Supported Performance metrics

The following performance metrics are collected:

AttributeDescriptionStatisticsData type
Number of messages published Measures the number of messages published to the SNS topic Sum Count
Publish size Measures the size of the messages published Average Bytes
Number of notifications delivered Measures the number of messages successfully delivered Sum Count
Number of notifications failed Measures the number of messages Amazon SNS failed to deliver Sum Count
SMS success rate Measures rate of successful message deliveries Sum Count

Configuration details

Topic information

Topic ARN Shows the unique Amazon Resource Name assigned to the topic.
Region Shows the region where the SNS topic is hosted.
Topic owner Displays the owner of the topic


Topic subscription count Shows the total subscription count
Subscriptions confirmed shows the total number of confirmed subscriptions
Subscription Pending Shows the total number of pending subscriptions
Subscription deleted Shows the total number of deleted subscriptions
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