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Amazon SES Monitoring Integration

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a cloud-based email sending and receiving platform. With Site24x7's AWS integration you can now track and alert on email sending events such as account's bounce, complaint, open, click-through rates and more.

Setup and configuration

  • If you haven't done it already, please enable programmatic access to your AWS resources either by creating Site24x7 as an IAM user or by creating a cross-account role IAM Role (recommended) between you AWS account and Site24x7's AWS account. Learn more
  • In the Integrate AWS Account page, ensure that the check box adjacent to the SES listing is selected. Learn more.

Policy and permissions

Assign the AWS managed policy ReadOnlyAccess (recommended) to the Site24x7 entity (IAM user or Role) to allow Site24x7 to access your SES account and collect metric data about your email sending activity. If you've assigned a custom policy, please make sure the following read-level actions are present in the policy JSON. Learn more.

  • "ses:DescribeConfigurationSet",
  • "ses:DescribeReceiptRuleSet",
  • "ses:GetSendQuota",
  • "ses:GetIdentityPolicies",
  • "ses:GetIdentityNotificationAttributes",
  • "ses:GetIdentityMailFromDomainAttributes",
  • "ses:GetTemplate",
  • "ses:GetIdentityDkimAttributes",
  • "ses:GetIdentityVerificationAttributes",
  • "ses:GetAccountSendingEnabled",
  • "ses:ListIdentityPolicies",
  • "ses:ListIdentities",
  • "ses:ListConfigurationSets",
  • "ses:ListReceiptRuleSets",
  • "ses:ListReceiptFilters",
  • "ses:ListTemplates"

Polling frequency

Site24x7 collects data points for email sending events as per the poll frequency set (1 minute to a day). Learn more.


You can add automations for the AWS services supported by Site24x7. Log in to Site24x7 and go to Admin > IT Automation Templates (+) > Add Automation Templates. Once automations are added, you can schedule them to be executed one after the other.

You can now send an email using the SES API Amazon SES automations.


Each Amazon SES account is considered a basic monitor.

Supported metrics

AttributeDescriptionData typeStatistics
Send Measures the number of requests (email sending API calls) to Amazon SES that were successful. Count Sum
Rejects Measures the number of times Amazon SES accepts the sender's request and then determines the message contains a virus and stops processing. Count Sum
Bounces Measures the number of times the recipient's mail server permanently rejected the mail (hard bounces). Count Sum
Complaints Measures the number times emails were marked as spam by the recipient. Count Sum
Delivery Measures the number of emails that were successfully delivered to the recipient's mail server. Count Sum
Open Measures the number of times the recipient received the email and opened it in his/her mail client. Count Sum
Click Measures the number of times the recipient received the email and clicked on one/more links. Count Sum
Rendering failures Measures the number of times email could not be sent because of a template rendering issue. Count Sum
Reputation bounce rate Measures the percentage of sent emails that resulted in hard bounces. Percent Average
Reputation complaint rate Measures the percentage of sent emails that were marked as spam. Percent Average 
Email sent in last 24hrs Measures the total number of emails sent out in the last 24hrs. Percent Average
Email usage in the last 24 hours Measures the percentage of emails sent out with respect to the maximum emails allowed in the last 24 hours. Percent Average


The following configuration and inventory data are collected from your Amazon SES account.

IP address filters

Lists the IP address filters associated with your Amazon SES account.

Name The name of the IP address filter.
Policy Indicates whether to block or allow incoming mail from specified IP address.
CIDR A single IP address or range of IP address range that you want to block or allow, specified in CIDR notation.

Rule sets

Lists the receipt rule sets that exist under the Amazon SES account and displays information about them.

Name The name of the receipt rule set.
Time stamp The date and time the receipt rule set was created.
Rules List of rules that belong to the specified receipt rule set.
Is enabled If true, then the receipt rule is active.
Scan enabled If true, then messages that this receipt rule applies to are scanned for spam and viruses.

Configuration sets

Lists the configuration sets associated with the Amazon SES account and its details.

Name The name of the configuration set.
Is Sending enabled Describes whether email sending is enabled or disabled for the configuration set.
Is Reputation metrics enabled Describes whether or not Amazon SES publishes reputation metrics for the configuration set.
Event destinations A list of event of destinations associated with the configuration set.
Last fresh start The date and time at which the reputation metrics for the configurations set were last reset.
Custom redirect domain The custom subdomain that will be used to redirect email recipients to the Amazon SES event tracking domain.


Lists all the identities for the Amazon SES account in the current AWS region.

Identity type Possible values are "email address" and "domains".


Estimate future values of the following performance metrics and make informed decisions about adding capacity or scaling your AWS infrastructure.

  • Send
  • Email sent in last 24hrs

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