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Amazon Lightsail Database Monitoring Integration

Amazon Lightsail Database lets you create managed databases on the AWS cloud, in a few clicks. Choose among several plans for the configuration and price point the one that best suits your needs, thus enabling quick spin up for managing databases.

With Site24x7's integration, monitor your database health metrics in Amazon Lightsail and maintain the reliability, availability, and performance of your managed databases and the associated applications.

Setup and configuration

1. If you haven't already, enable access to your AWS resources between your AWS account and Site24x7's AWS account by either:

  • Creating Site24x7 as an IAM user.
  • Creating a cross-account IAM role. Learn more

2. On the Integrate AWS Account page, check the box next to Lightsail Database. Learn more

Policy and permissions

The following permissions are required by Site24x7 to discover an Amazon Lightsail Database and collect configuration information. Learn more

  • "lightsail:GetRelationalDatabases",
  • "lightsail:GetRelationalDatabase",
  • "lightsail:GetRelationalDatabaseEvents",
  • "lightsail:GetRelationalDatabaseLogEvents",
  • "lightsail:GetRelationalDatabaseLogStreams",
  • "lightsail:GetOperationsForResource",
  • "lightsail:GetRelationalDatabaseMetricData"

Polling Frequency

Site24x7 queries AWS to collect Lightsail performance metrics according to the configured poll frequency. The minimum poll interval supported is one minute and the maximum is 24 hours.

IT Automations

You can add automations for the AWS services supported by Site24x7. Log in to Site24x7 and go to Admin > IT Automation Templates (+) > Add Automation Templates. Once automations are added, you can schedule them to be executed one after the other.

You can now start, stop, or reboot the Lightsail database using Amazon Lightsail database automations.

Supported metrics

AttributeDescriptionStatisticData Type
CPU Utilization The percentage of CPU capacity that your Lightsail application is using. Average Percentage
Database Connections The number of database connections in use. Maximum Count
Disk Queue Depth The number of outstanding IOs (read/write requests) waiting to access the disk. Maximum Count
Free Storage Space The amount of available storage space. Average MB
Network Receive Throughput The incoming (receive) network traffic on the database. This includes both customer database traffic and Amazon traffic used for monitoring and replication. Average MB/sec
Network Transmit Throughput The outgoing (Transmit) network traffic on the database. This includes both customer database traffic and Amazon traffic used for monitoring and replication. Average MB/sec


Estimate future values of the following performance metrics and make informed decisions about adding capacity or scaling your AWS infrastructure.

  • CPU Utilization
  • Disk Queue Depth
  • Network Receive Throughput
  • Network Transmit Throughput

Site24x7's Amazon Lightsail Database monitoring interface


Gain an overview of different processes occurring within each Lightsail database with time series charts that provide event timelines on various metrics, such as Network throughput, Free storage space, and many more.


The configuration details of a Lightsail database are provided under this tab. Here, you will find the availability zone, the name of your databases, database plan chosen, endpoint port, etc.

Database History

The history of the actions performed on a database will be listed down under this tab. Operation type specifies the operation on a database, the Timestamp signifies the time and date when the operation was carried out, and the Status signifies the operation success/failure status.


The inventory tab predominantly contains the Threshold and Availability profile, and Notification profile. The Threshold and Availability profile lets you set the threshold configurations for your Lightsail application. The notification profile enables you to tweak when the alerts are to be sent out and provides escalation settings as well.

Log Report

A consolidated report of the log status of various pollings that have been carried out for your Lightsail Database can be downloaded from this tab in CSV format.

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