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Zoho Analytics Integration

Zoho Analytics is a robust self-service business intelligence, data analytics, and online reporting platform that offers a comprehensive glance at your key business metrics such as reports, rich text formats, images, and KPI widgets. Using Zoho Analytics, you can obtain a bird's-eye view of your organization's performance across departments by amalgamating data from varied sources.

By integrating Site24x7 with Zoho Analytics, you can gain a complete overview of your business and IT-related information from the exhaustive business intelligence reports and dashboards, all on a single platform. The data obtained can be used to correlate and make better data-driven business decisions.

How to integrate from Site24x7

  1. Log in to Site24x7.
  2. Navigate to AdminThird-party integrationZoho Analytics
  3. Integration Name: Provide a name for the integration. The Integration Name will become the Workspace Name in Zoho Analytics. 
  4. Description: Provide a description of the integration.
  5. Select Modules: 
    • Downtime: By selecting the Downtime checkbox, you can sync outage data and incident data from your Site24x7 monitors with Zoho Analytics.
    • Performance: By selecting the Performance checkbox, you can sync selected performance attributes from your Site24x7 monitors with Zoho Analytics.

       Only one data set for a particular monitor will be sent per day.

  6. Monitor type filter: Choose the monitor types from the drop down list, of which the attributes will be listed.
  7. Attributes: If the Performance checkbox is selected, you will be provided with an option to select the Performance Attributes related to a monitor type.
  8. Fetch Data from the Past: Choose a time period up to which you would prefer data to be synced from Site24x7. You have three options: Three months, six months, and 12 months.
  9. How often: Choose a frequency for syncing data from Site24x7 with Zoho Analytics by selecting: 
    • Daily: If you choose this option, data from Site24x7 will be synced daily; once a day.
    • Hourly: If you choose this option, data from Site24x7 will be synced on an hourly basis.
    • Not Scheduled: If you choose this option, data will not be synced. 
  10. Click Save to save the integration.

How to integrate from Zoho Analytics

  1. To inititate the integration from Zoho Analytics, click the Import your Data button located on the home page.
  2. Choose Site24x7 from the list.
  3. In the pop-up window that appears, provide the following details to import data from Site24x7: 
    • Workspace Name: Provide a name for the Workspace. It should be the same as the Integration Name.
    • Select Organizations: Provide the organization you want to associate the integration with. 
    • Monitor: Choose the Monitor Type, which is the data you want to sync with Zoho Analytics.

      In Site24x7, a monitor is any resource whose performance should be tracked. It can be a website, a server, a network device, or an application. Based on your monitoring needs, the monitor types can be different. Read more about monitors.

    • Attributes: Choose the specific Attributes related to each monitor type for which the reports have to be generated.
    • Fetch Data from the Past: Choose a time period up to which you want data to be synced from Site24x7. You have three options: Three months, six months, and twelve months.
    • How often: Choose a frequency for syncing data from Site24x7 with Zoho Analytics.
  4. Click on the Create button to start the integration from Zoho Analytics. 

 View Analytics in Site24x7

 In Site24x7 Analytics can be viewed in Reports tab. To view Analytics in Reports, 

  •     Log in to Site24x7.
  •     Navigate to Reports > Advanced Analytics.
  •     In the new Advanced Analytics page that opens, click on the reports of your choice to view them. You can also apply various filters in this page.

 To add Analytics widget in Custom Dashboard

  •     Login to Site24x7.
  •     Navigate to Home > Dashboards > Custom Dashboards.
  •     Click on Create new, to add a new widget. 
  •     In the new Add Widgets page that opens, choose Advanced Analytics in the Widget category. All the reports you have created in Analytics will be listed in this page. You can then drag and drop the reports of your preference, and click Done Customizing to save your changes.

Under Custom Dasboards you can customize by adding all widgets of your choice along with Analytics widget.

View Advanced Analytics widget

To view the various dashboards which you have created in Analytics, you can navigate to Home > Dashboards. Towards the end of the page you have Advanced Anaytics Dasboard. Click on the dashboard of your choice to view it.

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