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Performance Metrics for Windows Server Backup Monitoring

Monitor the status of your backups, events, disk usage, and policy schedule details - all in one dashboard. The Windows server backup monitor uses the Site24x7 Windows agent for monitoring, i.e. they will be auto-discovered and added for monitoring once the Windows agent is successfully installed. 

Once the Windows server backup monitor is successfully added to your Site24x7 account,

  • View the status and backup summary for Windows backup monitors. Log in to Site24x7 and go to Server > Windows Server Backup.
  • Add a Threshold and Availability profile to declare a specific resource as critical or down. Go to Admin > Configuration Profiles > Threshold and Availability (+).
  • Analyze trends and identify performance issues with exclusive performance reports.
  • View key metrics in a single glance with the server inventory and health dashboards, or create your own.

Interpret Windows Backup Metrics

Monitor Overview

Parameters Description
Last Successful Backup The time stamp and the target path for the last Windows backup job that was successfully performed
Backups Summary Total number of backups, the latest and oldest backup copy time are provided 
Status of Recent Backups The status and the result of the last ten backups performed
Backup Events A count of information, warning, and error events occurred in the backups 


Parameters Description
Top Disks by Usage The top 10 disks using up maximum disk space 
Disk Details: 
Name Name of the disk partition
Capacity The total capacity of the disk partition in GB 
Used Space The space used by the disk partition in GB 
Free Space Free space available on the disk partition in GB 
Action Thresholds can be set for each of the disk partitions and automation can be mapped, if any. 

Policy Schedule

Parameters Description
Backup Time  The time that a Windows backup job is to be performed 
Backup Targets  The path to the destination folder(s) where the backup files will be stored
Volumes to Backup  The volumes that need to be backed up 
Components to Backup  The components that need to be backed up 
VSS Backup Settings  Specify either a VSS full backup or VSS copy backup 
Files to Backup  The files to be backed up are listed 
Files to Exclude  The files that will be excluded from backup 


Performance Reports for Windows Server Backup

Log in to Site24x7 and go to Reports > Windows Server Backup. The following reports are available:

  • Availability Summary Report
  • Busy Hours Report
  • Health Trend Report
  • Performance Report

Learn more.

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