Summary Report

Summary Report is a collective report that offers critical insight into metrics like overall availability, outage details, availability and suspended summary of your chosen monitor group. You can gain a clear perspective of the performance of your monitor group and identify areas that need improvement. The availability and performance metrics displayed is always based on the data tracked from your primary location.

Generate Summary Report

  1. Login to Site24x7.
  2. Navigate to Reports > Monitor Groups > Summary Report.
    You can either generate a summary report for a specific monitor group or a consolidated report for all the monitors.
  3. Select required monitor group from the header drop-down and change the other parameters as per your requirement to obtain a customized report.
    • Monitor Groups: Select the desired monitor group from the drop down list.
    • Time Period: Choose the required time period.
      You can generate reports for time periods ranging from last 1, 6, 12, 24 hours, today or upto a year back. Furthermore, you can also obtain reports for custom time periods.
    • Unit of Time: Choose different unit of time for different time period.
    • Business Hours: Select the time period that is most critical to your business.
    • Maintenance time for uptime calculation: You can include / exclude maintenance time from the monitor group's uptime calculation.
    • Include Subgroups: Enable this option to include subgroups of the selected Monitor Groups. Otherwise, only the selected Group will be considered.
  4. Once the report is generated, click "Share This" button on the top right corner.
    • Publish Report: Click publish report and populate the form. This creates a permalink that would make the report accessible to customers without a login.
    • Email: Share the report via an email. Email can be sent to only those verified users who have agreed to receive emails from Site24x7.
    • Export CSV: Export the report as a CSV file.
    • Export PDF: Export the report as a PDF file.
    • Schedule Report: Populate the schedule report form, to create a report task that would trigger summary report mails to the customer.

Interpret Summary Report

Summary Report for the selected monitor group gives you a lucid account of the availability and performance of all the monitors in the monitor group. The top band provides visibility on the metrics like cumulative availability percentage, total outage duration and the outages count of the selected monitor group, for the chosen time period.


Fig.1. Monitor Groups: Summary Report for the Last Month

Fig.2. Performance Details

Monitor Availability Summary

Detailed summary of downtime/uptime is presented in a tabular format. The detailed parameters are described here:

  • Total Downtime: The monitor group's cumulative downtime for the selected time period is represented in terms of percentage or time.
  • Total Uptime: The monitor group's cumulative uptime for the selected time period is depicted in terms of percentage or time.
  • Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) - The average time to repair a device or a system back to acceptable operating conditions. The term can also mean, the time spent to restore a machine to operating condition after failure. This must be as low as possible.
  • Mean Time between Failures (MTBF) - The average time that a device or a system worked without failure. The term can also mean the length of time a user may reasonably expect a device or system to work before an incapacitating fault occurs. This must be as high as possible.

Monitor Suspended Summary

Unavoidable monitor suspensions and pre-planned scheduled maintenance activities consume a chunk of downtime activity. This data is segregated from downtime and presented in a tabular format for better clarity.

  • Total Suspended Time: Any downtime captured due to unscheduled suspension of the monitors in the monitor group.
  • Total Suspended Time Percentage: The cumulative downtime percentage due to the unscheduled suspension of your monitors in the monitor group.
  • Total Scheduled Maintenance: The cumulative time consumed by all the pre-planned maintenance activity during the monitoring period.
  • Total Scheduled Maintenance Percentage: The total percentage of cumulative scheduled maintenance activity carried out during the specified monitoring period.

Performance Details

Summary Report helps you to have a more detailed performance analysis of your monitors in the monitor group. Based on the chosen monitor group and time period–the lead performance indices for the various monitors are captured from their primary monitoring location–and rendered in a tabular layout. Additionally, parameters like the Availability percentage and Downtime Duration for the monitors are also displayed individually. For internet facing monitors like website, ping, DNS monitors–the captured metric is usually the response time (in ms) of the monitor. However, for agent based monitors like the Server monitor–the metrics captured range from the CPU percentage, Memory percentage and Disk usage percentage of the Server.

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