Site24x7 for Developers

Site24x7 provides resources and options to help developers customize Site24x7 for their ease of use. You can customize the Site24x7 platform the way you want to see and use it. Achieve this using our APIs, open-source codes, and custom scripts to monitor your IT resources. Here's a list of what Site24x7 has to offer developers:

Custom plugins

Site24x7 offers over 100 out-of-the-box plugins to monitor everything in your stack. This includes plugins for databases; web servers; load balancers; caches; services; messaging platforms; big data; hardware; systems; Microsoft applications; security; collaboration tools; devices; containers; DevOps; and cloud services like AWS, Azure, and GCP.

You can also customize the way you want to monitor your apps, systems, and servers by writing custom scripts. Site24x7 lets you build your own plugins using Python or Shell for Linux, and Batch, PowerShell, VB, or .NET DLL for Windows. You can write a plugin, request the integration, and contribute it.

Terraform for Site24x7

Terraform is an open-source Infrastructure as Code software tool that allows for the full life cycle management of Site24x7 resources. You can automate the configuration of Site24x7 in your CI/CD process using Terraform and use Site24x7 as code.

Site24x7 APIs

Site24x7 APIs let you perform all the operations that you perform using the web console. Built using the REST principles, Site24x7 APIs make writing applications easy. Read the API documentation, and integrate data from Site24x7 into your favorite apps or dashboards.

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