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IT Automation for Capacity Planning Monitors

IT Automation for Capacity Planning involves automating the resources mapped under the Capacity Planning Monitor. Using Capacity Planning, you can execute IT Automation for all the resources grouped under Capacity Planning Monitors as a single action instead of individually executing the automation for each resource.

To configure IT Automation for Capacity Planning Monitors, go to Admin > IT Automation Templates > Add Automation Template. In the Add Automation Template pop-up, select the desired automation Type. For the Select Resource Type option, choose Capacity Planning Monitors. Choose the required capacity panning monitor for IT Automation from the Destination Capacity Planning Monitor(s) drop-down, and click Save.

Use case

If you choose EC2 automation, then in Capacity Planning, you will have the option to choose either EC2 monitors or EC2 Capacity Planning Monitors. If you choose EC2 Capacity Planning Monitors, then the automation will be executed for all EC2 monitors mapped under that Capacity Planning Monitor.

Supported IT Automation types

The Capacity Planning Monitor supports the following IT Automation types:

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