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Amazon CloudFront Integration

Amazon CloudFront is a web service that helps your speed up delivery of static web assets like HTML, image files, video and CSS. With Site24x7's AWS integration you can now monitor the activity of your CloudFront distributions.


Site24x7 supports monitoring for:

Setup and configuration

  • If you haven't done it already, please enable access to your AWS resources either by creating Site24x7 as an IAM user or by creating a cross-account IAM role between your AWS account and Site24x7's AWS account. Learn more.
  • Next, in the Integrate AWS Account page, please ensure the CloudFront check box is selected in the Services to be discovered field. Learn more.

Policies and permissions

Please make sure the following read level actions are present in the policy statement assigned to the Site24x7 IAM entity. Learn more.

  • "cloudfront:GetDistribution",
  • "cloudfront:ListPublicKeys",
  • "cloudfront:ListTagsForResource",
  • "cloudfront:ListInvalidations",
  • "cloudfront:ListDistributions",
  • "cloudfront:GetDistributionConfig"

Polling frequency

Site24x7 queries CloudWatch and various service level APIs as per the poll frequency set (1 minute to a day), to collect performance metrics and metadata for your CloudFront distributions.

To view metrics:

  • Log in to the Site24x7 console, click on AWS > Monitored AWS account and choose CloudFront from the drop down.
  • From the list of monitored distributions, choose the distribution for which you want to access metrics for.
  • The various graphs applicable for your Amazon CloudFront Distribution are displayed in the Summary tab.

CloudFront performance metrics

The following metrics are collected on per distribution basis:

AttributeDescriptionStatisticsData type
Requests Measures the total number of HTTP and HTTPS request for all methods Sum Count
Bytes downloaded Measures the number of bytes downloaded for GET, HEAD, and OPTIONS requests Sum Bytes
Bytes uploaded Measures the total number of bytes uploaded to orgin servers with CloudFront using PUT and POST operations Sum Bytes
Total error rate Measures the percentage of total request that returned a 4xx or a 5xx error code Average Percent
4xx error rate Measures the percentage of requests that return a HTTP status code 4xx Average Percent
5xx error rate Measures the percentage of requests that return a HTTP status code 5xx Average Percent
Add a threshold profile for your monitored web distribution. Learn more.

Configuration details

The following config data are collected:

Distribution ID Shows the identifier for the distribution
Domain name Shows the domain name that corresponds to the distribution
ARN Shows the ARN (Amazon Resource Name) for the distribution
Last modified time Displays the date and time the distribution was last modified.
Status Displays the current status of the distribution.
State Shows the distribution state – enabled or disabled.
Price class Displays the price class associated with the distribution.
HTTP version Displays the HTTP version that you want viewers to use to communicate with CloudFront.
Default root object Shows the default root object that you want CloudFront to request from origin server.
AWS WAF Web ACL Displays the web ACL associated with the distribution.
IPv6 Shows whether IPv6 is enabled for the distribution or not.
Logging Shows whether logging is enabled for your distribution or not.
Geo Restriction Shows whether geo restriction is enabled for the distribution or not
CNames Displays alternate domain names
Caller Reference Id Shows the unique value that is used to make sure requests can't be replayed

You can collect your CloudFront logs for monitoring with the Site24x7 AppLogs agent. Learn more.

Support for Lambda@Edge

The Lambda@Edge error metrics can be viewed if you have Lambda@Edge in CloudFront. Plus, you can monitor the metrics available in the regional edge cache levels supported by AWS Lambda@Edge.

AttributeDescriptionStatisticsData type
Execution Errors Execution errors are returned when CloudFront doesn’t get a response after triggering a Lambda function. Average Count
Invalid Function Responses When the response contains invalid headers or fields, an invalid function response error is displayed. Average Count
Throttles The Lambda service throttles executions in each Region and returns an error if your CloudFront distribution tries to run a Lambda function when you're at the limit. Average Count

Lambda@Edge errors

Various errors at CloudFront regional edge cache levels are provided to help you understand the faults in Lambda@Edge. You can view details like the region name, the associated AWS region, execution errors, and more. This section lets you configure the thresholds for each parameter in a particular region.

Lambda@Edge functions

The different Lambda@Edge functions associated with a CloudFront monitor are displayed here for each resource with details like Resource Name and Resource Type for a custom duration you choose. You can view status and set alerts for the monitored functions.

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