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Install Ruby Agent

Supported Environments

  • Ruby - 1.8.7 and higher
  • Rails - 3.0 and higher
  • Sinatra - 1.4.0 and higher

Steps to install APM Insight Ruby On Rails Agent


After downloading the agent, verify it's integrity using checksum validation before installation. Learn more.

For Heroku applications
  1. Download the site24x7_apminsight.gem file from your Site24x7 account.
  2. Copy this file to your application home directory.
  3. Open 'Gemfile' in text editor, add gem 'site24x7_apminsight'.
  4. Execute 'bundle install' to install the dependencies.
  5. Push these changes to your project repository (differs based on your deployment method).
  6. Go to Heroku> your application > settings > Config variables, add the following variables
    • S247_LICENSE_KEY = Enter your Site24x7 Account license key
    • APM_APPLICATION_NAME = Enter your application name
  7. Deploy the application in Heroku.
For all other applications
  1. Select APM > APM Insight tab.
  2. Click on Ruby tab to download the file.
  3. Click Download to deploy the agent into your application server.
  4. Ruby Agent installation can be done in two ways
    • Install from by using the following command 
      gem install site24x7_apminsight
    • Download the site24x7_apminsight.gem file from your user account in Site24x7 after sign in and run the command gem install {path}/site24x7_apminsight.gem.

  1. For Rails environment,
    • Add the following line into Gemfile
       gem 'site24x7_apminsight'
    • Bundle it to your application by executing command,
      bundle install
  1. For Sinatra environment,
    • Add the following line into Gemfile
      gem 'site24x7_apminsight'
    • If you are not using Bunde.requirein your application, add the line
      require 'site24x7_apminsight'
      to your application file
  1. Once the gem is installed in your respective environment, copy the apminsight.conf file from {gem_installed_directory}/site24x7_apminsight/conf directory to application home directory.
  2. All other configurations such as adding license key etc. has to be done from here.
  3. Restart the application server

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