Help APM APM for .NET Agent diagnosis tool

Agent diagnosis tool for APM Insight .NET Core agent

An agent diagnosis tool can come in handy while troubleshooting Site24x7 agent issues in your .NET Core application. It helps you extract basic information like agent logs, event logs, and application-related information for troubleshooting frequently encountered configuration issues in the agent.

Use the below given instructions to run the agent. You can send the final file to support@site24x7 for further analysis.


  1. Open PowerShell using Run as admin
  2. Navigate to the <AgentDestinationPath>\Site24x7DotNetCoreAgent\AgentDiagnostics
  3. Run the script AgentDiagnoser.ps1
  4. It will generate the in the same locationAgentDiagnostics zip
  5. Send the zip file to for further analysis
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Help APM APM for .NET Agent diagnosis tool