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Configuring VoIP Devices to Export Data to Site24x7 for Cisco IPSLA monitoring

With Site24x7, you can monitor the voice quality of a call path with Cisco Internet Protocol Service Level Agreement (IPSLA) based VoIP Monitoring. A call path is the WAN link between the source and destination of the VoIP call that you want to monitor. To monitor this VoIP call path, you have to configure your Cisco devices to export data to Site24x7 On-Premise Poller. Before that, ensure that your devices satisfy the basic prerequisites.

Step 1: Enabling device discovery

  • Add the source device for monitoring in Site24x7 if it’s not already added.
  • The credentials used for the device should contain the correct SNMP Read and Write Community credentials.

Step 2: Enabling the SLA responder on the destination device

To enable the service level agreement (SLA) responder on the destination device that you wish to monitor, follow the steps below:

  1. Open a command-line interface (CLI) session on the destination router and enable EXEC (system call) mode as follows:
  2. Start global configuration mode:
    Router#configure terminal
  3. Enable the IPSLA responder using either of the commands below:
    Router(config)#ip sla responder
    Router(config)#ip sla monitor responder

    Enter any one of the commands based on your IOS version.

Repeat the above steps for all the destination routers on which you want to monitor VoIP performance.

After this configuration, add the configured devices for VoIP monitoring using Site24x7.

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Help VoIP Monitoring Cisco IPSLA Monitoring