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1. How to enable Site24x7 Business Units?

Site24x7 Business Units can be enabled if you're already subscribed to any of the following Site24x7 Paid plans: Business, Advanced, Premier, Pro, Classic, Elite, Enterprise, Enterprise Web, Enterprise Plus Web, and have a Super Admin access. Follow these steps to learn how to enable Business Units.

2. How is Site24x7 Business Units plan different from regular Site24x7 account?

Site24x7 has a plan-based pricing model, which you can use to monitor your entire IT resources. On the other hand, a Site24x7 Business Units allow you to streamline IT monitoring in your organization by hosting multiple Business Units in your organization from a single portal. Business Units offer better resource optimisation and account's handling over the usual Monitor Groups based administration in Site24x7.

3. How is Site24x7 Business Units different from Site24x7 MSP Edition?

MSP Edition is primarily for resellers who want to whitelabel or monitor resources for their end customers, whereas Business Units is primarily for large Enterprises that have multiple Teams/ Locations/ Units/ Departments and need a unified portal to manage multiple accounts.

4. How is your Business Units account billed?

Business Units account lets you handle subscription and billing for all your business units, including upgrades, purchase of additional add-ons and alert credits, centrally from a single console. After enabling Business Units, your default Site24x7 account gets migrated as a Business Unit. Further, you will be charged $9/Business Unit per month (billed annually) or $10/Business Unit per month. You can allocate monitors and alert credits to individual Business Units based on their requirements.

5. Is there any limit for your Business Units account?

You can create unlimited Business Units in your Business Units portal. By default, you're allowed to have only one free business units account. However, you will be billed $9/Business Unit per month (billed annually) or $10/Business Unit per month for every Business Unit you create.

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