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The Report Downloads feature in Site24x7 enables users to access previously generated reports, eliminating the need for redundant report generation and saving time. This feature streamlines the workflow by storing reports generated by team members and making them easily retrievable.

To access the Report Downloads

  1. Log in to Site24x7.
  2. From the left navigation, select Reports and go to Report Downloads.
  3. You will be able to see the list of Reports previously generated classified based on Report Type, Resource Type. Report Period, Generated Time, Validity Period, and the name of the person who generated the report.

For example, imagine you need to view the Performance report of a Monitor group called Zylker. Instead of regenerating the report, you can access the one previously generated by the Admin from the Report Downloads section. To access the desired report in Site24x7, navigate to the Report Downloads section and locate the Performance report associated with the Zylker Monitor group. With a simple click, the report can be downloaded and instantly viewed, providing quick access to valuable performance insights without the need for generating the same report again.


  1. The feature is available exclusively to users with the All Monitors permission.
  2. Accounts must have 500 or more monitors to access this feature.
  3. The minumum timeframe you have to select to generate reports for accessing this feature depends on the type of report:
    • For individual monitor reports, the timeframe is 180 days or more.
    • For reports multiple monitor reports, such as Monitor Groups, Tags, and All Monitors, the timeframe is 7 days or more.
  4. Types of Supported Reports:
    • Performance Report
    • Availability Summary Report
    • Summary Report
    • TopN Report
    • BottomN Report
  5. Users with access limited to Monitor Groups will be unable to utilize this feature.

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