CloudSpend Azure: Overview

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that offers multiple cloud services to run and manage businesses. Though a cloud platform helps you scale up your business, if you do not monitor your cloud costs, you might end up paying unnecessarily high bills. Azure cloud cost management is essential to control your cloud usage and get the most out of it.

CloudSpend is a cloud cost management tool that helps you track and manage the cloud billing for your entire organization to get the most out of every dollar you spend. You can monitor and control your Azure cloud bills by integrating with CloudSpend.

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Why CloudSpend?

With CloudSpend, you can:

  • Get easy-to-understand dashboard views with preconfigured chart widgets.
  • Monitor your cost account expenses or budget in your preferred currency to understand your spending patterns on a regional basis.
  • Drill down and analyze your cloud costs by adding filters like subscriptions, resource groups, services, resource types, user-defined and Azure-generated tags, dates, and more. You can also export dashboard views in PDF format and share them with your team members.
  • Gain effective chargebacks by grouping and understanding cloud costs by different teams, projects, departments, subscriptions, and more with Business Units.
  • Set custom cost budgets to your Azure account, Business Unit, or any tagged resource to prevent unexpected costs coverages.
  • Schedule reports and dashboards to be delivered to multiple contacts.
  • Forecast your cloud costs and budget values configured in CloudSpend.
  • Integrate with Site24x7 alarms to get notified in case of budget breaches.
  • Make use of the third-party services supported by Site24x7 to receive notifications through your preferred channel.
  • Scale your resources up or down as needed through IT automation.

Data source

To provide an accurate view of costs across your entire Azure account, CloudSpend programmatically retrieves the cost data using the Consumption Usage Details API.
From this API, CloudSpend gets usage details of each resource, which is made available to users as charts and tabular data for analysis.

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