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Azure Automation Account Monitoring Integration

Azure Automation enables you to manage your automation resources and deploy your runbooks instantly to meet your automation requirements.

With Site24x7's integration, you can now monitor your Azure Automation account, configure thresholds, and receive alerts about critical issues.

Setup and configuration

You can add an Azure Automation account while adding a new monitor or you can add it to an existing Azure monitor. Follow these steps to add the service.

Supported metric

Metric name Description Statistic Unit
Total Jobs The total number of jobs in runbooks Total Count

Threshold configuration

Global configuration

  1. In the Site24x7 web client, go to the Admin section on the left navigation pane.
  2. Select Configuration Profiles from the left pane and select the Threshold and Availability (+) tab from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Add Threshold Profile in the top-right corner.
  4. For Monitor Type, select Azure Automation Account.

You can now set the threshold value for the metric mentioned above.

Monitor-level configuration

  1. In the Site24x7 web client, go to Cloud > Azure and select Azure Automation Account from the drop-down menu.
  2. Choose a resource you would like to set a threshold for, then click the hamburger icon Hamburger Icon.
  3. Select Edit, which directs you to the Edit Azure Automation Account Monitor page.
  4. You can set the threshold value for the metric by selecting Threshold and Availability.

You can also configure IT Automation at the attribute level.

IT Automation

Site24x7 offers a set of exclusive IT Automation tools to auto-resolve performance degradation issues. These tools react to events proactively rather than waiting for manual intervention.

How to configure IT Automation for a monitor

Configuration Rules

With Site24x7's Configuration Rules, you can set parameters like Threshold Profile, Notification Profile, Tags, and Monitor Group for multiple monitors.

How to add a Configuration Rule

Site24x7's Automation Account monitoring interface

Get an overview of the events and jobs occurring within each Automation Account. Gain insight into the time-series-based data of the total number of jobs running in your Automation Account, the Total Update Deployment Machine Runs, the Total Update Deployment Runs, and the Hybrid Worker Ping.

Configuration Details:

This tab provides the configuration details of your Automation Account. Details on the Automation Account ID, Principal ID, Tenant ID, the type of the Automation Account, location, and many more are included in this section.

Zia Forecast:

By leveraging the AI-driven Zia framework, you can examine resource consumption measurements through the forecast chart located in the Zia Forecast tab. This chart predicts upcoming performance metrics based on a 15-day historical data analysis, providing insights into the expected metric usage for the next seven days.

Identity Details:

With the Identity Details tab, you can view the name of the user-assigned identities, the Resource Group, and the Subscription to which the monitor belongs.


The Runbooks tab will provide the name and status of the Runbook, the total number of jobs, the amount of jobs failed, and the total number of schedules assigned for the Automation Account. You can also set thresholds by clicking on the Pencil   icon. By clicking the Delete    icon, you can delete the Runbook from Site24x7.


Here, you can view the list of Certificates and their expiration status, the number of days until they expire, and the last modified time.


This tab provides the history of the Automation Account statuses, including Down, Trouble, and Critical.


This provides the licensing details of the Automation Account, the Threshold and Availability Profiles, the Notification Profiles set, the set User Alert Group, and the monitor created time and modified time.

Log Report:

The Log Report tab lists all the logs collected during every data collection, along with their statuses.

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