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Azure Application Insights Monitoring Integration

Azure Application Insights enables you to monitor the performance and health of your Azure services.

With Site24x7's integration, you can now monitor your Azure Application Insights, configure thresholds, and receive alerts about critical issues.

Setup and configuration

You can add Azure Application Insights while adding a new monitor or you can add it to an existing Azure monitor. Follow these steps to add the service.

Supported metrics

Metric nameDescriptionStatisticUnit
Availability Test Duration The duration of the availability test Average Milliseconds
Page Load Network Connect Time The elapsed time between the user request and the network connection Average Milliseconds
Client Processing Time The elapsed time between receiving the last byte of a document and loading the document object model (DOM) Average Milliseconds
Receiving Response Time The elapsed time between receiving the first and the last bytes or until disconnection Average Milliseconds
Send Request Time The elapsed time between the network connection and the receipt of the first byte Average Milliseconds
Browser Page Load Time The elapsed time between the user request and the loading of the DOM, style sheets, scripts, and images Average Milliseconds
Dependency Calls The number of calls made by the application to external resources Count Count
Dependency Duration The average duration of the calls made by the application to external resources Average Milliseconds
Dependency Call Failures The number of failed dependency calls made by the application to external resources Count Count
Exceptions The combined count of all uncaught exceptions Count Count
Browser Exceptions The number of uncaught exceptions thrown in the browser Count Count
Server Exceptions The count of uncaught exceptions thrown in the server application Count Count
Page Views The number of page views Count Count
Page View Load Time The average page view loading time Average Milliseconds
Exception Rate The count of handled and unhandled exceptions reported to Windows, including .NET exceptions and unmanaged exceptions that are converted into .NET exceptions Average Count per second
Available Memory The amount of physical memory immediately available for allocation to a process or for system use Average Bytes
Process CPU The percentage of elapsed time for all process threads to execute instructions Average Percent
Process I/O Rate The total data read and written to files, the network, and devices Average Bytes per second
Processor Time The percentage of time that the processor spends on non-idle threads Average Percent
Process Private Bytes The average memory exclusively assigned to the monitored application's processes Average Bytes
HTTP Request Execution Time The execution time of the most recent request Average Milliseconds
HTTP Requests In Application Queue The length of the application request queue Average Count
HTTP Request Rate The rate of all requests to the application from ASP.NET Average Count per second
Server Requests The number of completed HTTP requests Count Count
Server Response Time The elapsed time between receiving an HTTP request and sending the response Average Milliseconds
Failed Requests The number of HTTP requests that are marked as failed Count Count
Server Request Rate The rate at which the server requests are received Average Count per second

Threshold configuration

Global configuration

  1. In the Site24x7 web client, go to the Admin section on the left navigation pane.
  2. Select Configuration Profiles from the left pane and select the Threshold and Availability (+) tab from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Add Threshold Profile in the top-right corner.
  4. For Monitor Type, select Azure Application Insights.

You can now set the threshold values for all the metrics listed above.

Monitor-level configuration

  1. In the Site24x7 web client, go to Cloud > Azure and select Azure Application Insights from the drop-down menu.
  2. Choose a resource you would like to set a threshold for, then click the hamburger icon .
  3. Select Edit, which directs you to the Edit Azure Application Insights Monitor page.
  4. You can set the threshold values for the metrics by selecting Threshold and Availability.

You can also configure IT Automation at the attribute level.

IT Automation

Site24x7 offers a set of exclusive IT Automation tools that automatically resolve performance degradation issues. These tools react to events proactively rather than waiting for manual intervention.

How to configure IT Automation for a monitor

Configuration Rules

With Site24x7's Configuration Rules, you can set parameters like Threshold Profile, Notification Profile, Tags, and Monitor Group for multiple monitors.

How to add a Configuration Rule

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