Auto RUM injection

Real User Monitoring (RUM) offers a clear view into the operational efficiency of a web application, providing precise insights into the end-user journey and overall experience. Enable RUM effortlessly in your application through the Auto RUM Injection feature, which will be automatically activated for the below agents.

Agent Supported versions
Java Versions 6.4 and above

Note: Auto RUM Injection is currently supported only for Java Server Pages (JSPs).
PHP Versions 4.4 and above

To enable RUM in your application, follow the steps given below:

  1. Install the respective agent for your application.
    Java | PHP
  2. Upon successful installation, you will be able to see the APM and RUM monitors created in the Site24x7 console.
    To view the APM monitor, navigate to APM > APM Insight > Applications. The APM monitor will be in the configured name.
    APM monitor

    To view the RUM monitor, click the RUM icon. The RUM monitor will be in the name format  <APM_name>-RUM.
    RUM monitor

  3. Then, access your application and generate some traffic.
    To view the RUM metrics collected for your Java application, select RUM icon > Find your application, and click it.
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