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Add RUM Monitor

Steps to add a RUM Monitor

  1. Login into Site24x7
  2. Select  RUM Add Application 
  3. Enter the Application Name, Apdex Threshold and Application Framework Type
  4. Fill in the configuration details like domains to exclude, user agents to exclude and resources type. For more information regarding the configurations, click here.
  5. Click Save.
  6. A script code will be generated in Add Real User Monitor screen. Copy and paste the script code to the header or footer of the index page or a common page of your application or website which you would like to monitor.
  7. Click Continue followed by Finish.

"Adding a Monitor" Dashboard view 

Copying the script code

To copy the generated script code that you would need to provide in your browser, move the cursor onto the extreme left of your monitor being shown on the dashboard. Click on "Copy Web Script" and get the script code.

If you want to monitor a Wordpress blog, you need to copy "the RUM key for wordpress plugin" provided right below the web script and add this snippet to the footer tag of your wordpress blog.  

The RUM monitor you added will appear on the main RUM dashboard. Now you can access the performance data from Site24x7 RUM console.

If you would like to edit or delete an exisiting RUM monitor all you need to do is follow the same steps as given for copying the script code but instead of clicking on "Copy Web Script" click on edit or delete tab.

If you face any issues while setting up your RUM monitor, kindly refer this doc for troubleshooting instructions. 

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