Install PHP agent for Windows

APM Insight provides you with unique visibility, ability to analyze user-satisfaction and faster troubleshooting of PHP Web Transactions. It is a comprehensive solution to monitor the performance of PHP applications installed on IIS from end user to database perspective. 

To install the agent :

  1.  Log in to your Site24x7 account > HOME
  2. Download the PHP agent msi from Site24x7 console
    Verify the integrity of the downloaded agent using checksum validation. Learn more.

    Install PHP agent
  3. Start the installer and follow the steps given in the installation wizard
     agent installation
  4. Enter the Site24x7 device key when prompted
    device key
  5. Wait for the installation to complete. Perform an iisreset manually after installation is complete.
    iis reset
  6. Generate traffic on the server and check the data in Site24x7 console. 
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