Help APM APM for .NET Installing DotNet Agent

Installing DotNet Agent


Here's a quick video on how to install a Site24x7 APM Insight .NET agent for Windows.

Steps to install a Site24x7 APM Insight .NET agent for Windows

  1. Select APM APM Insight.
  2. Click on .NET tab and follow the instructions to download the agent.
    Install APM Insight .NET agent
  3. Click download to get agent .msi file.
    To verify the integrity of the downloaded agent, run a checksum validation. Learn more.
  4. Run the .msi file. This opens a select installation folder window.
  5. Click on Browse and select the folder path to install the .NET Agent. Click Next.
  6. In the next window, under the Startup Options, check the Start the Agent after installation check-box if you wish to start the agent. Click Next to start installation of the agent.
    This will restart IIS to start the agent.
  7. .NET Agent Configuration window appears before the installation is completed. 
  8. Copy and Paste the license key value from the Site24x7 APM Insight home page, after login.
  9. Click the Save button to complete installation. 
    You can also set the license key via the environment variable in .NET agent.
    Using the below key the license key will be set for the agent.
    S247_LICENSE_KEY= <Your_License_Key>
  10. The .NET agent is ready and all the ASP.NET applications running on the server will be monitored. The collected data should be available in the Site24x7 APM Insight Edition page within a few minutes. All .NET web applications hosted on the IIS will be monitored. Perform some transactions to start monitoring.APM Insight .NET agent configuration

Note: Refer here to install .NET agent via command line.

As Microsoft ended extended support for Windows Server 2003 , APM Insight .NET Agent is also deprecating support for Windows 2003 and IIS 6 servers.



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Help APM APM for .NET Installing DotNet Agent