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Data Archiving

Site24x7 APM Insight retains your application data both at the application and instance levels.

Previously, raw application data was only being retained for 30 days. In addition, raw data could only be viewed for a specific day at a specific time range, instead of for a given time range of days. 

This limitation has now been enhanced with data archiving in APM Insight. Data archiving is handled in two ways: hourly and daily. 

  • In hourly archiving, data is consolidated by the hour and the average of the values is stored. 
  • In daily archiving, hourly archived data is consolidated and stored. Raw values are not taken. Instead, the average value of every hour is consolidated. 

Hourly archived data is now stored for 90 days and daily archived data is now stored for 365 days.

Metrics archived:

  • Hourly data: Metrics like Apdex, average response time, throughput, errors, exceptions, JVM metrics, database queries, and background transactions are archived on an hourly basis.
  • Daily data: All metrics that are archived hourly except JVM metrics. 

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