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Error handling messages for Plugins

If a plugin monitor is not successfully registered, the error message, along with the error details, can be viewed from the Site24x7 web client in the Help Assistant tab under Plugins.

Here is a list of some common error messages, their causes, and the solutions:

Common error messages for all plugins:

Error MessageReasonSolution

Register with higher version / Higher version of plugin available

The plugin is registered with an existing plugin template, i.e., a similar plugin was registered from another server, which has a higher version.

Check the highest version of a similar plugin that is already registered and update the same version or higher version in this plugin as well.
For example, assume instances of a plugin are present in server A and B with versions 1 and 2 respectively. So, if you want to add another instance of the plugin to another server C, then the version specified in the plugin script should be version 2 or above.

Connection error

Connection could not be established. Either the given credentials are wrong or the URL is not reachable.

Execute the plugin manually with the login credentials and check if it returns a valid JSON output. Also, check the URL in a browser to see if it's working fine. Then, restart the server monitoring agent.

Execution error / Plugin Script Output is not in json format. 

Plugin execution unsuccessful due to invalid JSON output.

Check the script and ensure that the script returns a valid JSON output. You can execute the script manually, copy the output, and then validate the JSON output using this free JSON formatter.

**node not present

Cannot connect to the specified node

Check whether the mentioned node is present

<Module not installed>

The required dependency module is not installed.

Go through the Prerequisites section of the setup steps and install the relevant dependency module. Then, restart the server monitoring agent.
You can also find the dependency modules of some popular plugins here.

Plugin file type not supported

Only the following formats are supported for writing a plugin:

  • Linux - Python, Shell
  • Windows - VB, Batch, PowerShell, DLL

Ensure your script supports the mentioned formats

Plugin file not found / No such file or directory

Folder is empty or the plugin file name does not match with the folder name. 

Ensure the plugin file name and the folder name are the same. Also, move the plugin folder containing the corresponding plugin file to the Site24x7 plugin directory.

Plugin execution timed out

The plugin script runs beyond the maximum time set before throwing an exception.

Increase the Script Execution Timeout value.

To do this:
1. From the Site24x7 web client, navigate to the corresponding plugin monitor, click the hamburger menu Hamburger Icon, and select Edit.
2. Increase the Script Execution Timeout value to 120 secs, and click Save.
3. Restart the server monitoring agent.

Syntax error: end of file unexpected

The plugin script has mismatched code structure or incorrect formatting. 

The system executes the code line by line, so the syntax needs to be correct, with proper use of quotes (“”), brackets (), and other formatting.

Check the script and ensure the script has correct syntax and formatting.

No plugin versions available in DB

The mandatory plugin_version key is missing.

Update the plugin script with the plugin_version number, which is a mandatory field.
Update the plugin version to the default value of 1 when installing a plugin for the first time. If there is any change in the plugin script, increase the plugin_version by increments of 1. Note that the plugin_version should be whole numbers only, i.e., 1, 2, 3, and so on.
Here's an example of the plugin version in the script:

"plugin_version" : 1,
"heartbeat_required" : true,
"cpu" : 42.7

<plugin name> Permission denied

The plugin script did not get executed because the plugin does not have required permissions. 

1. Use the ls -l command to check the permissions of the plugin script.
2. If required, modify permissions using the chmod command. For instance, to add the execute permission for the user on a script, use: chmod u+x

Error message not configured

The error message is not configured.

Within the plugin script, capture the exception as an error for instances when it's unable to collect metrics.

**specific to Elasticsearch plugin

HTTP Error Messages:

Error MessageReasonSolution

HTTP error

HTTP connection error

Please check your configurations and restart the server agent

HTTP Error 404

  1. Stats URL given in the plugin file may not be supported.Please make sure you have added an entry in the plugin config file as mentioned in our help docs.
  2. Ensure you have copied the same URL in the plugin file which you had provided in the plugin config file
  3. Ensure the port given by you in the plugin config file while enabling statistics is not occupied

Please give the correct url in the plugin file

HTTP Error 401

(Authentication Error)
  1. Either of username, password or realm specified by the user in the plugin config file does not match the corresponding value in the plugin file.
  2. The value of realm for eg : Strictly\ Private need not be escaped in the plugin file. i.e "Strictly Private" should be specified in the plugin file if it is Strictly\ Private in the config file.
  3. The corresponding plugin service has to be restarted if any changes are made in the config file

Please give the correct authentication parameters in the plugin file

HTTP Error 403

(Authorization Error)
  1. The configuration file "http.conf" is type specific. Make sure the agent machine IP address falls in the "Allow from" rule.
  2. If the required request could not be served by Apache, then this could be due to any additional setting preventing our python script (plugin file) interact with the stats URL. For eg : Web Application Firewall

Please make sure the plugin script is authorized to interact with the stats URL

HTTP Error 302

The requested resource resides temporarily under a different URI

Check the configuration and remove the redirection

<urlopen error [Errno -2] Name or service not known>

The status URL you have added in the plugin file is invalid or not known

Please check the stats url given in the plugin file for any mistakes.

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