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Bulk installation of the Windows server monitoring agent using ManageEngine Endpoint Central

This help document provides the instructions to successfully install the Windows server monitoring agent on multiple Windows servers at once using ManageEngine Endpoint Central.

Follow the instructions provided in this help document to install the Linux server monitoring agent on multiple servers at once using ManageEngine Endpoint Central.


  1. Download the Site24x7 Windows server monitoring agent installer file.
  2. Sign in to the ManageEngine Endpoint central portal.
  3. Click Software Deployments.
  4. Click + Add Packages, and then Windows.
  5. Enter the necessary information in the appropriate fields.
    1. Package Name: Site24x7WindowsAgent
    2. Package Type: EXE/APPX/MSIEXEC/MSU
    3. License Type: Commercial
    4. Locate Installable: Select From Local Computer and upload the downloaded Site24x7 Windows server monitoring agent MSI file.
  6. Click Installation.
  7. In the Installation Command with Switches/Arguments field, provide the installation command:
  8. Click Add Packages.
  9. Go to the Configurations tab.
  10. Click Configurations in the left navigation pane, and then + Create Configuration > Windows.
  11. On the Configuration page, provide an appropriate name in the Name field.
  12. Select Install as the Operation Type.
  13. Select the created package in the Package Name drop-down menu.
  14. Select Deploy any time at the earliest in the Apply Deployment Policy drop-down menu.
  15. Enter the Remote Office domain as per your configuration in the infrastructure.
  16. In the Filter Computers based on field, select Computer and enter the hostname.
  17. Make sure the Retry this configuration on failed targets field is not checked.
  18. Click Deploy Immediately.

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