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Convertitore IPV4

Utilizza questo strumento per convertire i tuoi indirizzi IPV4 nel formato IPV6. Lo strumento genera sia la versione corta che la versione lunga dell’indirizzo IPV6 e anche i valori equivalenti in formato intero ed esadecimale.

What is IPV6?

IPV6 refers to Internet Protocol Version 6, the latest version of internet protocol (IP). Generally, each device on the domain or internet has an unique IP address. This helps to distinguish between one device to another on the network and also facilitates communication between devices. The information communicated between the devices, are broken into smaller packets and are routed along the networks. The Internet Protocol determines how these packets are to be routed between the host and the destination.

Difference between IPV4 and IPV6

IPV4 refers to Internet Protocol Version 4. It was launched way back in 1983 and is widely used even today. IPV4 is a 32-bit address, separated by four dots. Example of an IPV4 address is IPV4 format supports almost 4.29 billion addresses.But the exponential growth of internet and IOT devices led to the shortage of IPV4 address and hence the rise of IPV6 format.

IPV6 has a 128-bit address format and uses both numbers and letters. This is represented by eight groups of four hexadecimal digits, separated by a colon. Example: 1231:4400:5589:0000:0000:0000:0000:2001

Advantages of IPV6 over IPV4

While IPV6 was conceived mainly to fulfil the need for more internet addresses, there are lot more inherent benefits when it comes to it. Here are a few:

  • Enhanced security, due to inherent presence of IPSec
  • Support for new services since there is no need for NAT (Network Address Translation)
  • Simplified network configuration
  • Efficient routing
  • More efficient packet processing, because of simplified headers
  • Support for multicast rather than broadcast, made possible because of True Quality of service
  • Simplified network configuration
  • Easy file sharing

How can I convert my IPV4 address to IPV6 format?

You can use Site24x7's IPV4 to IPV6 Converter to convert your current IPV4 address to it's equivalent IPV6 format. The tool generates both short and long form of IPV6 address. Additionally, equivalent integer and hex values are also generated. These values can come handy when you are doing a cross-browser testing or when you want to obfuscate your IP address.

You can also create a perfectly organized networks as you scale using Site24x7's IPV6 subnet calculators. Learn more.