Synthetic Transaction Monitoring for Superior Website Availability and Performance

Continuously test the availability, performance, and functionality of critical transactions in your website or web application.

What is Synthetic Monitoring?

Synthetic Monitoring is a technique used by webmasters and IT Ops teams to assess and baseline the performance of their web application in test/production environments without using real-user data. Generally, this involves continuous monitoring of a set of user paths (scripted recording of transactions) at predefined intervals using browser emulation to identify issues and slow-performing transactions.

What are the benefits?
  • Test multi-step workflows like form submission and login
  • Identify issues before they impact end-users
  • Use data as yardsticks to benchmark performance
  • Simulate transactions on real-browsers like Chrome & Firefox
  • Perform checks from relevant customer locations

Dive into your business-critical user flows and measure its actual rendition.

Record all essential work-flows in your web application and set up production monitoring using Chrome or Firefox browsers, at regular intervals. Make sure your web, cloud, mobile pages, and transactions work properly for all your customers. Stay informed about any application issues and secure high application availability for your customers.

Transaction sequence

Guarantee a top-notch user experience.

Poor performance of critical user flows hamper the end user experience directly. Keep track of the overall performance of your user flows. Also gather performance metrics during every individual page load.

Availability and response time metrics

Test your application from a global or local monitoring station.

Setup monitoring from anywhere and everywhere that your customers are available. Test your application from 100 worldwide locations or within your network using our locally installable On-Premise Poller software. Get insights on any regional specific problems or functional issues in your application.

Global monitoring location

Easy set-up and intelligent update.

Employ our recorder tool to set-up monitoring of your essential user flows by navigating through the various steps in the application. Our intelligent play back engine can detect minute changes in your application and update the scripts without you being needed to step in. Reuse an existing Selenium IDE test case to configure production monitoring of your web application.

Site24x7 recorder

Exhaustive and powerful reports.

Obtain in-depth details of your application’s uptime and performance over a period. Gather independent data to confirm whether your website or third-party service meets the configured SLA goals and SLA commitments successfully. Export as a PDF to share reports with your teams or schedule them to receive reports in your inbox periodically.


Stay on-top-of issues with alerting and smart integrations.

Get notified in multiple ways viz., Email, SMS, Voice call, IM, and Push Notifications. Feed your critical alarms and incidents into your own systems via our smart third party integrations like PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Stride, HipChat, Zapier, ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus or using Custom Webhooks. Send your monitor alarms to any ticketing systems and resolve issues much faster from a unified dashboard.


Publish your application's uptime and performance data.

Being transparent about your application's availability and performance will help boost customer confidence. Allow customers to view the real-time and historical stats on the uptime and performance of your application. Use our hosted status pages to communicate outages and keep your customers informed about any steps being taken to fix issues.

Status pages

Easy and intuitive setup wizard.

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Download and install the web transaction (browser) recorder.


Set-up monitoring and simulate essential user actions.

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