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Track website/server performance during internet peak time

Website or server performance issues during the peak hours of internet traffic is a cause of concern for all webmasters and business owners. Poor web performance at peak times badly affects business websites particularly verticals such as financial, travel and retail. Busy Hours Report is an objective analysis of your website/server performance during internet peak hours. Once you have added your websites or servers, you can generate Busy Hours Report to see, how your monitors responded real time during a particular time rangeover a period of time. You can generate a Busy Hours Report segmented by �hour of day' or ''day of week� so that more specific analysis is possible.

Busy Hours Report tells you at what time of the day your site response was the slowest. With this info you can decide to increase the capacity of your servers during the time when it is the slowest. With the advent of cloud servers like Amazon, Azure etc. you can even decide on whether to turn on extra servers during your peak usage times.

Here is a sample Busy Hours Report

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Busy Hours Report is present in the Reports section inside Site24x7. You can generate Busy Hours Report for all account types. The report can be exported as a CSV file or can be send via email for internal use in your company.

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