Integrate Site24x7 Data into Your Portal

The Site24x7 Application Programming Interface (API) lets anyone write their own program to pull Site24x7 data and work with the data in many possible ways. The APIs are REST style web APIs over HTTP/HTTPs. With the API, you can extract data in XML format and develop new applications/portals or integrate with your existing business applications.

Service providers can leverage the APIs to provide custom monitoring services to their clients, either as a new offering or complementary to their existing services. Enterprises can make use of the APIs to securely integrate website monitoring capabilities to their existing software, so that they get a monitoring perspective from outside their datacenter.

The API Allows You to:

  • Add monitors into Site24x7
  • Modify/delete/suspend monitors
  • Obtain availability and response time graphs
  • View current uptime status and response time of all monitors
  • List the last 'x' downtimes of all monitors
  • Obtain consolidated uptime and performance reports for a specific time period.

There is no additional charge to use the API. However, API access is provided only to Site24x7 customers.

How to Get Started?

Site24x7 customers need to generate an API Key to start using our APIs. You can generate the API key using the 'Generate API Key' option inside the Site24x7 client. Getting this API Key is a one-time process.

For more information about our APIs, please refer Site24x7 API documentation.

To start using Site24x7 APIs, all you need to do is sign up for a free trial account of Site24x7. No installation required. No software to maintain. Nothing to lose.

Site24x7 API Key