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What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. Commonly known as phonebook of the internet, DNS translates domain names to IP addresses so browsers can retrieve the necessary information.

For example, every machine on the internet, be it laptops or your web servers have a unique IP address. So when you enter a domain name, for instance,, it's respective IP address is mapped with the help of DNS and the webpage is loaded accordingly.

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What are the records to look in a DNS report?

DNS records are text files that contain holistic information about the paritcular domain name including it's IP address, alias names etc. The following are some of the common DNS records:

  • A record: Lists the IPV4 address of the domain.
  • AAAA record: Lists the IPV6 address of the host.
  • CName: Lists if the given address is an alias or subdomain of a Domain. All CName records points to a domain and not an IP address.
  • MX record: Lists the SMTP email server of the respective domain.
  • TXT record: Lists out machine readable data such as encrytion details, sender policy framework, DKIM, DMARC etc..
  • NS record - Lists out the names and details of the Authorative Name Server of the respective domain

Benefits of using Site24x7 DNS tool:

Site24x7's DNS Lookup tool lists out the relevant DNS records for the entered domain names. This comes handy since any changes to the DNS records are captured instantly. You can also use Site24x7 DNS monitoring to monitor your Distributed DNS infrastructure.

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