Apdex Scores

Site24x7's agentless Website Monitor enables monitoring of URLs over the internet, intranet, and 3G/4G networks. Perform synthetic web monitoring from various ISP networks and ensure that customers can transact on your website without interruptions.

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Measure end-user satisfaction with Apdex Scores

Traditional values for analyzing application performance such as response time and throughput need not accurately reflect a customer perception about the transaction. Apdex serves as a easy to decipher performance benchmark for all applications, providing a simple comparison metric to measure the responsiveness of any given application over a period of time.

apdex-score across global locations

Performance is the key

Customer satisfaction is the key for E-Commerce and most online businesses. Any performance flaw can potentially cause  your customer to abandon your site and go to your competitor. These businesses requires visibility into how good their site is received by the end customers, so that they can take steps to resolve any performance issues.

Know your customer emotion

Customer satisfaction ultimately determines the success of your business. Understand whether your customers are happy or just tolerating your application lag; Worst case, are they abandoning your service because your application performance is frustrating? Apdex scores lets you know the customer emotion with respect to your application responsiveness, in no uncertain terms.

apdex-score satisfaction bar
apdex-score across global locations

Understand end-user satisfaction from a global perspective

As a global business, your customer can be from any part of the world. Visibility into region wise customer satisfaction level will help to identify any performance bottleneck specific to a region.

Improve end-user satisfaction

It is imperative that your websites and applications must scale to meet the customer demand. Insight into customer satisfaction levels can certainly help you to change the application requirements based on your customer response. Also identify any region wise performance issues and address them before if evokes frustration in your customers.

Improve customer satisfaction using Apdex Scores