Site24x7's Global Website Monitoring Network

Monitor your web site uptime and response time from multiple geographical locations

We have established a global monitoring network by partnering with leading hosting providers. Our network currently includes servers in 50+ different geographical locations. We will be adding more monitoring locations as we go along.
Below is a continent-wise listing of our monitoring locations along with their IP addresses.

Monitoring Locations
IP Address
North America
California, US
New Jersey, US
Atlanta, US
Chicago, US
Seattle, US
Dallas, US
Houston, USNew in Site24x7
Virginia, US
New York, US
Los Angeles, US
Denver, US
Miami, USNew in Site24x7
Kansas, US
Washington DC, US
Phoenix, US
Montreal, Canada
Toronto, Canada
Queretaro, MexicoNew in Site24x7
London, UK
Cologne, Germany
Munich, Germany
Zurich, Switzerland
Moscow, Russian
Vienna, Austria
Warsaw, Poland
Bucharest, Romania
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Copenhagen, Denmark
Brussels, Belgium
Paris, France
Barcelona, Spain
Stockholm, Sweden
Milano, Italy
Istanbul, Turkey
Tel Aviv, Israel
New Zealand
Shanghai, China
Beijing, China
Qingdao City,China
Hangzhou City, China
Nagano, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Chennai, India
Mumbai, India
Hong Kong
Singapore City, Singapore
Middle East
South America
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Johannesburg, South Africa
You can download the above details as Spreadsheet | PDF | RSS | JSON | CSV | TSV

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