Unified monitoring for Amazon EC2 instances

Full stack visibility – See your CloudWatch data with agent driven system and application metrics, in a single comprehensive dashboard.

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Gain more visibility into your dynamic EC2 infrastructure.

Everything in one place.

Remove the silo approach of monitoring EC2 instances – Combine instance metadata with the system level metrics to mitigate the inefficiencies present in both CloudWatch and standalone server agents and effectively monitor your dynamic AWS environment. ​

Simplified service discovery.

Spend less time on manual configuration – Site24x7 leverages the CloudWatch API to auto discover all your running EC2 instances from each availability zone in a matter of minutes.

Get up and running.

Setting up and monitoring your EC2 platform is easy. Select key based access to connect your AWS account with Site24x7, then download and install the agent on your EC2 instance – that's all there is to it.

How it works?

No more performance blind spots.

Combine metrics from two different perspectives - hypervisor level and systems level​, to augment your CloudWatch data with the OS context.

Performance Metrics CloudWatch Agent
Instance CPU utilization
Physical CPU utilization
CPU credits usage/balance
CPU utilization by cores
Performance counters for EBS volumes
Disk i/o performance for instance store volumes
EBS volume capacity free/used
Memory breakup free/used
Swap usage(page in/page out) & page faults
Other AWS services
Network bandwidth statistics
Application metrics via plugins
Process level granularity

Get the best of both worlds - Site24x7 gathers basic infrastructure metrics via the native CloudWatch integration and system level performance counters from the agent.

Analyze resource usage to optimize your EC2 environment.

Is the instance under utilized or over taxed? Is the instance type right for my application workload? Gather critical performance metrics to see how the computational resources in your instances are being used.

Get more granularity into your elastic cloud environment.

Identity and troubleshoot issues by fully understanding your EC2 environment and its underlying components.

Monitor applications running on your cloud servers.

Our out-of-the box plugins support can monitor web servers, databases, proxies, load balancers, messaging systems and a whole lot more. Currently, there are more than 50 plugins at your disposal to get you started right away.

Create custom plugins.

Want to create your own plugin to monitor the unique resources in your application stack? Don't fret Site24x7's open ecosystem for plugins lets you extend our agent's monitoring capabilities to any application out there. Start building – create and deploy your own plugin to optimize your application environment.​

Get more than just performance data.


Gain valuable insights into resource usage by visually analyzing critical metrics using our interactive charts and graphs. You can also zoom into a particular section for deeper analysis.

Automatic clean up

Your terminated EC2 instances will be automatically removed from the Site24x7 console.​

Easier deployment

Use configuration management tools like Chef, Puppet, Ansible and SaltStack to automatically deploy agents on newly provisioned instances.

Data retention​

View historical data, analyze patterns, put it into meaningful context and troubleshoot performance issues with ease.​

Metric level thresholds​

You can configure thresholds on multiple metrics, create alerting strategies and set up how and when you want to be notified.​

Incident management

Filter alarms based on status, triage and treat them based on urgency, add remarks and also notify technicians with our Alarms View feature.

Bring your alerts home

Seamlessly integrate alerts to your existing Slack, HipChat or PagerDuty channels.

Detect issues faster

Use our root cause analysis (RCA) report to reduce your Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).
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