Evaluador de API REST

Utilice esta herramienta para probar y validar rápidamente los puntos de conexión de la API REST de su sitio web con un solo clic.

What is REST API?

REST API is an API (Application Programming Interface) that follows the REST (REpresentational State Transfer) architecture.

REST is known as REpresentational State Transfer because in a client-server communication model, any API following the REST architecture will create an object for the data requested by the client and also send the values of the object in response to the user, thus sending both the object and state of an object.

REST architecture is often called the "language of the internet" because it helps an application be more responsive as it leverages very little bandwidth and is completely based on resources.

Monitor the availability and response time of your REST API endpoints from 120+ locations globally. Also, get insight into the response time of mobile and web applications that use your APIs as a daily driver. Detect downtime and fix critical issues before customers are affected.

Verifique el tiempo de actividad desde más de 110 ubicaciones globales

Supervise la validez del certificado SSL

Identifique problemas de resolución de DNS

Solucione problemas de conectividad con traceroute y el informe de MTR

Detecte dominios y direcciones IP marcados como no deseados

Umbrales inteligentes

Notificaciones por correo electrónico y SMS

Integraciones del servicio de alertas con aplicaciones de terceros

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