XPath Evaluator

Free tool to validate and extract the matching piece of the XML data against the input expression. The result object that matches the given parameter will be displayed in the output result box. Refer the x-path example for usage.

XPath Examples

Following are few example xpath expressions and results for the above sample xml data

XPath Expression Description Result
/ Select the document node
/store/chocolates/choco Select all the 'choco' elements, which are the direct children of 'chocolates' node
//name[@no] Select all the 'name' elements with 'no' attribute
/store//snack[last()] Select the last snack element
sum(//price) Select the sum of price element values
string-length(//choco[1]/name) Select the length of the first 'choco' element's name value
//choco[1]/name/text() Select the textual value of first 'choco' element's name
count(/store//choco) Select the count of 'choco' elements

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