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JSONPath Finder and Evaluator

This tool will help you find all available JSONPaths in a JSON document, view them in an object tree, identify the different input expressions and extract the matching piece of JSON data against the input expression.

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Path Notation

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What is a JSONPath?

JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is an open standard file format that uses simple text to store and transmit data objects. Each JSON object has an inherent structure resembling a hierarchy or tree of nodes, where each node is an element. JSONPath is a standard way using which we can navigate through different parts of a JSON object or file. This is helpful when we want to reach a specific subset or element in a JSON file.

JSON Path Examples

Following are few example jsonpath expressions and results for the above sample json data

JSONPath Expression Description Result
$ Select the root element
$ Select the value of 'city' element which is the direct children of 'address' element
$..type Select the value of all the 'type' elements in the input json
$.address.length() Select the length of the 'address' element
$..* Select all the elements and its value
$.phoneNumbers[1] Select the 2nd value from 'phoneNumbers' array
$.phoneNumbers[?(@.number)] Select the 'phoneNumbers' element if it have 'number' element within it