Infrastructure Monitoring: A look back and the way forward

2020 has definitely been new, different, strange, unpredictable, and more. With new normal becoming a buzzword, adapting and surviving through these challenging times has been quite a task. We, at Site24x7, prioritized the safety of our employees, their families, and all our customers and business associates at the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

At the same time, customer queries and their feature requests were handled to manage the sudden surges in demand for existing and new features. In this blog, let us quickly look back at the releases and enhancements that we rolled out in 2020, and grab a sneak peek about our plans for moving forward in 2021.

Collaborate glitch-free

At the onset of the outbreak, organizations (including us) quickly adopted a work- from-home (WFH) policy worldwide. Virtual meetings, rendered images, and reconstructed voices became the new normal, and shed light on crucial collaboration tools that, during normal days, were hardly considered. We introduced support for monitoring collaboration tools, as these became the main source of communication for organizations. Among other accomplishments on our list, we introduced integrations for Slack, Jira, Confluence, Confluent, Zoom, and VoIP monitoring.

The other debuts

In addition to catering to remote working needs, our other feature releases enhanced the overall monitoring experience. One of the biggest launches for the year was the StatsD metrics platform, where custom application metrics through the StatsD protocol are collected and monitored by Site24x7. Other key features released through the year included Switch Stack Monitoring, Nutanix Monitoring, and Windows Updates Monitoring.

We believe monitoring is not just about collecting data. It is about correlating and representing the collected data in a single dashboard for gaining quick insights. To further that goal, we introduced the integration of the VMware virtual machine (VM) and the server monitoring agent that gives a unified view of VM metrics, like vMotion, as well as guest OS metrics, like services and processes. 

Improving—with your feedback

Regular feedback from our customers helps us grow and mature our product into an increasingly comprehensive solution. That's why we added VMware Horizon Monitoring, as well as Network Traffic Monitoring and Kubernetes Monitoring to our recent beta releases. Send an email to if you need early access to any of these features. We'll be making an announcement soon about the general availability (GA) release.

The road ahead

These are some of our top successes in 2020! You can get a glimpse of the other enhancements and releases for the year from our What's New page. With all these features and more, we continue our efforts to support the operational needs of your remote workforce. 

Similar to our product road map for 2020, check out our plans for 2021. Follow and share with us in the Site24x7 Community to learn more.

From all of us at Site24x7 and Zoho, we wish you a wonderful, healthy, joy-filled, and peaceful new year in 2021! 

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Re: Infrastructure Monitoring: A look back and the way forward

Also on your 2021 agenda, I hope; add RSS support for your What's New in Site24x7 page!

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Re: Re: Infrastructure Monitoring: A look back and the way forward

can they track indexed sites. Can they also monitor my  website?

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Re: Re: Infrastructure Monitoring: A look back and the way forward

Thanks for raising this. We will check the feasibility of adding RSS support for our What's New page and get it implemented. Will update this thread once it's live.





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