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[New Feature] Windows Updates Monitoring


We are happy to announce the support for monitoring Windows updates to ensure optimal performance of your Windows servers. Once the Windows server monitoring agent is installed, the Windows updates will be auto-discovered and added as a monitor in Site24x7.

Supported from Windows agent version 19.7.8 and above.


  • Get a quick snapshot of all your updates - Critical, Pending, and Security updates.
  • Know the updates to be installed in your servers with their respective categories (security, critical) and KB links.
  • View the complete history of updates installed in your servers for future reference.

Read our help documentation for step-by-step instructions. For any questions, please comment in the below thread or mail us at support@site24x7.com.





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Re: [New Feature] Windows Updates Monitoring


Is there anyway we can disable this for our account. We have no interest in monitoring Windows Updates from Site24x7 as its taken care of my another product. Its getting annoying to have to go in and disable these monitors as they are slowly discovered across our Windows servers.

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Re: Re: [New Feature] Windows Updates Monitoring

Hi Paul,

Using configuration rules, you can disable addition of Windows Update monitor.

  1. Log in to Site24x7 and go to Admin > Configuration Rules.
  2. Under Define Criteria, select the Monitor Type as Server.
  3. Under Define Actions, choose the Disable Server Application Discovery and select Windows Updates for this option, from the drop-down.
  4. Save the changes.

This will ensure the Windows update application is not auto-discovered and added for monitoring, when a Windows agent is installed or during agent upgrade.

Note: Please make sure this profile is associated with the servers in which you want to disable Windows updates monitoring.



Selva Kumar C

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Re: [New Feature] Windows Updates Monitoring

Its been a nightmare with this new feature!

We have windows update managed by a different system and not interested to enable this feature (as its consumes one additional lic per server). As our tenant has auto discovery enabled (e.g. for IIS, SQL, AD server etc we want them to be discovered), its also adding windows update.


I know the configuration rule above is a workaround, but the better and more elegant solution would be to provide a global configuration option in the tenant  in the admin section something like "Auto discover service options" and allow to enable/disable such auto discovery, and should have been disabled by default.


Why you release a product and then ask your customer to go through the pain to tackle it! Product team should have considered this fact, specifically when its a lic component and it costs money! 

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Re: Re: [New Feature] Windows Updates Monitoring

Hi Ash Dey,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. We will take up the global setting as a feature request and update this thread once it's live.

We understand your concern and will take this up on priority and get it done. Also, please note that the new monitor will only consume unused licenses that you have already paid for. That is the reason we enabled it, by default.





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