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Site24x7 Product Roadmap 2020

We had a productive 2019 with more customers, new features, our ingress into Machine Learning with AIOps, and much more. As we step into a new decade we wanted to highlight some of the enhancements and features that will be implemented this year. So here's what you can expect in 2020.

User and alert management

We have received numerous requests related to the betterment of user and alert management. Hence in 2020, we are bringing enhancements and features that will address them, thereby making the product more flexible to use.

Integration with Zoho products

This year we are committed to integrating with more of Zoho products which have been a consistent request on our community. Zoho Analytics, Cliq, Desk, and Assist are in different stages of development, as I write this.  

Anomaly as a threshold profile configuration

We've built a strong AIOps framework with over 40 million requests being evaluated for anomalous metric identification everyday. Alerting along with anomaly detection will be playing a more important role this year.

Security monitoring for internet services

With end-users becoming increasingly aware of security threats, businesses need to emphasize on securing their internet-facing services from malware, phishing attacks, spam attacks, and enabling trust for the websites they use. With our security monitoring which includes malware scans, defacement identification, anti-spam mail delivery scans, HTTP header vulnerability checks and much more, 2020 will be our starting point for security monitoring.

Infrastructure, cloud, and virtualized environments

With multi-cloud and containerization becoming a mainstay in many organizations, the need for managing these operations is imperative. Learnings from our AWS monitoring along with customer-inputs have given us the fundamental ideas in this space. We are now extending these to other cloud and containerized environments, bringing in a uniform set of configurations that will allow you to manage cloud resources better. 

Along with this support for various AWS, Azure, and GCP services, reporting enhancements await release this year. 

With container workloads exploding, bringing in enhancements to docker monitoring and introducing Kubernetes monitoring will be a priority this year. In line with this, we will add capabilities that will help Ops teams plan for better capacity of IT resources using performance metrics that we monitor.

Furthermore, after accumulating considerable feedback from customers Nutanix monitoring has been take up and should be available early this year.


CloudSpend, our cloud cost analytics product will have reporting capabilities, saving reports based on the monitoring of cloud resources and support for Azure this year.

NetFlow Analyzer, Network Configuration Manager, and much more

Intending to provide more visibility into the traffic and bandwidth performance, we are releasing the NetFlow Analyzer that can report for what and by whom is your bandwidth used. This will see the unification of network traffic analysis and network flow monitoring, which will help to optimize networks.   

Additionally, we will be providing device templates for the latest network devices, out-of-the-box. Another feature that's lined up is Network Configuration Manager. With this, you can track user activity, change management, and configure backup, making your network disaster-proof. Exhaustive monitoring support for Wireless Access Point along with inventory report is also in the offing.


We'll be releasing Python as a new language support this year with default Django support. Besides this, support to collect trace for every request, alerting for key transactions, correlation of application and infrastructure metrics, integration with JIRA and Zoho bug tracker are set to make our application performance monitoring robust. 


As we wish you a wonderful new year, allow us to let your light shine and bring goodwill and prosperity to your business, you and your family. 

From all of us at Site24x7 and Zoho, we wish you a joy-filled and peaceful New year!

-Team Site24x7.

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