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Site24x7 Product Roadmap 2021

2020 was by no means a normal year.  The pandemic had made every business turbulent with growth trends of many businesses going south. But when the backs are against the wall, mankind stands up, unites, and comes back with resilience. We could see all these traits come out in every business and ours was no different. 

The situation altered the course of our product roadmap that we'd set for 2020. 2021 gives us the opportunity to implement some of the common features that many customers have asked for. Here's what you can expect this year.

Enhancing the overall product experience

We are in the process of making subtle yet significant changes in the look and feel of the product to give a better contrast to the UI, solving some of the usability issues in search, and bring in filters in key areas of the product to enhance the overall client experience. 


Alert Management

We are continuing to put our efforts into enhancing user and alert management. As a natural progression, we are bringing in dynamic thresholds profile based on our existing AI/ML based anomaly detection engine. This will help technicians trim down configuring static thresholds which can be error prone and reduce alert fatigue as businesses adopt modern technologies for scalability. 

We are in the process of modernizing the alerting capabilities and addressing the missing pieces where the notification profile will become the common alert configuration section.


Incident Response

To address the shift timings of IT operations teams and to ensure alerts are sent to the right people at the right time, and with the right notifications, we are bringing in on-call scheduling. 

For a DevOps/IT Teams to instantly collaborate, share crucial information amongst teams for troubleshooting an incident and to refer to previous resolutions, we will be introducing this year, features that will help teams collaborate through various communication mediums with various stake holders, fix the problem and help reduce the MTTR. Stay tuned for a detailed announcement on this. 


Infrastructure, cloud, and virtualized environments

Every modern business runs on the cloud and digitalization has only fast-forwarded the adaptation. We will be bringing in unique cloud monitoring features like service quota monitoring that will help customers with uninterrupted provisioning of resources in the cloud. We will be bringing in more observable metrics to monitor from serverless platforms across clouds this year. We will continue to invest in our guidance report with new recommendations targeting savings.

With digital experience of employees becoming crucial to run the business in this new normal, focus on bringing newer capabilities to monitor employee endpoints which will help sysadmins analyze problems faced in end-user environments will be introduced this year.

We are also bringing in some of the enterprise features our customers have asked in the hypervised environment space.



We've started work in bringing all alerting capabilities that are available in other monitors including third-party integrations, notification profile, etc. Making AppLogs dashboards as part of the custom dashboard framework will be on the agenda for this year. With DevOps ecosystems maturing in the cloud and logs becoming a major part of troubleshooting critical issues, we will be bringing in capabilities to ingest DevOps toolset log types and log types which will address the CDN and DNS technology stack. You can leave a request for any new type you want us to support here.


Network Performance Monitoring

We are continuing to work on the configuration manager which can track change management, and configure backup which helps in making the network disaster-proof. We will work on bringing in the latest network devices as templates and provide out-of-the-box support so that customers can monitor the latest devices natively.  Switch stack monitoring for Aruba and Dell switches will be made available this year.  


APM Insight and Real User monitoring

We are re-focusing our efforts on building an overall experience in the digital experience monitoring space. W.r.t this we are bringing in enhancements into real user monitoring that will help sysadmins proactively troubleshoot areas that affect the digital experience of end-users. In addition to this, focus will be given in integrating AppLogs which will help DevOps/SRE contextually troubleshoot an incident and get deeper root cause analysis with logs that were generated during an incident from various sources that the application spawns out. We will also continue to focus on integrating with the DevOps Toolchain ecosystem.


Our roadmap is subject to change based on market trends, but our focus to provide you with the best possible product experience in terms of features based on feedback remains steadfast.

We’re thrilled to see you engage with us in our community, and we’d love to see you continue posting requests. We will be considering requests made here with higher priority. This allows us to streamline the requests better and have more community involvement on how to shape that feature. This will help us help you in giving the product that gets your work done. Thank you all for keeping your faith in us.

Do checkout our product roadmap 2021 for Site24x7 CloudSpend and Site24x7 StatusIQ.

From all of us at Site24x7 and Zoho, we wish you all a safe and happy new year.

Team Site24x7.


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Re: Site24x7 Product Roadmap 2021

Hi Jasper,

Re Alert Management

There were quite a few improvements suggested in relation to alert management in 2020 roadmap. I don't see any such improvements yet in alert management, which is desperately needed.

 Also, currently there is no way to know if I modify a Threshold value of any existing threshold definition, how many monitors will be impacted by that change. It will be nice to have a button, call it something like, "show linked monitors", which will show what are the monitors currently using that threshold definition. If I have that visibility, I could potentially prefer to create a new threshold definition instead of modifying the existing threshold, if the situation warrants so.


Re AppLogs

1. It will be nice to have a bulit-in applog category for device/monitor inventory in site24x7 (similar to one you already have for "Infrastructure Events"). This will allow us to quickly find all attributes associated with one or group of monitors, which is not easy to find as of today.

For example, if I would like to list the routers (87) in the screnshot below that has attribute of NOT "RFS Cisco ISR4331" type, Its not easy to find out! Applog can be a very handy tool in such case. There are many more use cases like this.



2. I don't know if there is a way to add items into a custom dashboard based on the value of a performance counter. For example, I want to display in a dashboard only those routers whose one of the performance counters (in my case its the backup link performance counter) value is 5. Which, I don't think is possible currently. However, if you allow the performance counter metrics to be available in applog, then I can easily search those conditions and create a dashboard I need. Its as simple as that.

There are endless possibilities with applog. Its a powerful tool, pl do expose more and more information via applog. That will help all customers.

 3. Allow extraction of fields dynamically during search operation and then perform stats on those fields.

For example, I have below logs collected for a log type (syslog or similar) where the $message$ contains the following. I want to capture the device name that appears after the word "false" in the message body and perform some stats on those. I can't do this currently.

I know I can set the field extraction at the time of collecting the logs, but in that case I have to create hundreds of log types, which is not feasible.

This notification is generated if the Interferer device configured for IDR Alarm. Hex-STRING: 24 B6 57 43 3D 40 Gauge32: 0 58565 31 1024 2 Hex-STRING: B2 B2 7D 31 54 E4 false WAP-COONAM01 Hex-STRING: B2 B2 7D 31 54 E4


Re Network Performance Monitoring

1. It will be nice to have an additional column in the tabular performance counters tab for each for the tables to show the current threshold set to raise an alert.  In the screenshot below I have setup some thresholds, but there is no way to find out which ones unless I click on each of the entries action button, which no one wants to do it! Its a pain.


Same applies for non tabular performance counters too! Display the current threshold settings below the counter value.


2. In relation to adding/editing a threshold parameter for a performance counter (as well as tabular performance counters), add a "Bulk Action" button (like the one shown in the screenshot) to modify performance counter thresholds of some or all eligible (display only the monitors that has that particular performance counter metrics) monitors.

3. When creating an alert from performance counter, the != option is missing. In my case I want to raise an alert when the performance counter value is not equal to 5. Unfortunately, I can't do this with the existing options.

4. It would be nice to capture description field from network device interfaces and display it in one of the columns under network interfaces tab. When there are 100s of network interfaces monitored in a switch, it hardly make any sense what Gi5/2/39 means. But if the description were captured and displayed, it would have showed up something like "uplink to core switch" which would make much more meaningful sense to me. I know, currently I have to hover my mouse for every single interface to find out the description of that interface, who has time for it? A separate description field will be very handy.

5. We we rediscover interfaces on a network device, allow a new category called "suspended". Currently there are only  two categories: "New" and "Modified". There is no way to manage suspended interfaces currently within site24x7. For example, if I would like to reactivate some of the suspended interfaces, and want to ensure that those interfaces are up before re-activating, the best way to achieve this is "Rediscover interface", as long as the suspended interfaces shows up there with their current admin and operational status.


Kind Regards,


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Re: Re: Site24x7 Product Roadmap 2021

Dear Ash,

  Thank you for taking the time to list out your requirements with great details. Really appreciate the effort. 

Alert management

You had mentioned last year about escalation. We have started work on this already. Due to unforeseen delays we couldn't bring it in.

We have consolidated all requests and are enhancing other options in the notification profile. Sharing moqup of what you will be seeing in the notification profile. This is subject to change but you will be seeing enhancements that will address many alerting capabilities that were requested this year. 


We will be working on this after analysing how this can be supported in our end. We will get back on this. 

Network Monitoring

Understand the difficulties faced, we will address them. Our team is analysing on how to support them. 


Product Manager, Site24x7

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Re: Site24x7 Product Roadmap 2021

A few more features would be nice to have:



1. Currently we cannot publish business view as a dashboard. It would be nice to have the capability to publish business views as a dashboard. I have a group called "Critical Infrastructure" which contains various groups, sub-groups and monitors. I would like to present this view to business via a dashboard without someone logging into site24x7 console, which currently I cannot do.

 2. The sub-groups in business view does not appear in alphabetical order. I think it appears in the order they have been added to the parent group. Which is not necessarily the order customer wants to view. Allow either arranging the sub-groups in alphabetical order or the way customer wants to view. Either way it will work for me, but not at its current order.



1. Currently the only action possible via Applog is to raise an alert. It would be nice to have more actions such as call an API that would help automation.

2. The pie chart in the applog dashboard shows % value inside the pie chart. Its much easier for people to roughly estimate the % of a pie by looking at the pie. Thats why its a pie chart! It would be nice to have an option to display the numbers or the % value or both - allow the customer to choose their preferred options.


Monitor Group:

In certain monitor groups we have a large number of monitors (specifically the groups which contains sub-groups). In such situation its hard to find which monitor is part of it (as I have to scroll down through the list). A search box (as shown in the screenshot) would help.



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