Windows Monitoring

Get intuitive insight on Windows server performance with instant alerts, automation capabilities, AI-powered data, and detailed reports.

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Key Windows Server Performance Indicators

Get critical input on your Windows server performance, with more than 60 performance metrics including:

  • Heat map analysis along with a quick summary of the status and performance of your server
  • CPU, memory, and disk utilization
  • Network statistics such as bandwidth utilization
  • Processor queue length and server uptime

In addition to monitoring more than 60 performance metrics, automate fault resolution with IT Automation tools.

Windows Server Performance Monitoring

Comprehensive Microsoft Applications Monitoring

Windows server monitoring includes monitoring of the following Windows applications:

Microsoft Applications Monitoring

Real-time Windows Services Monitoring

With many applications running as Windows services or background processes, it is critical to monitor them to ensure they are running continuously to avoid performance degradation.

A Windows service monitoring tool like Site24x7 can help system administrators automatically discover the services and its associated processes, monitor them, set thresholds, and receive timely notification on any failure. Read our blog to know more about our Windows service monitoring software.

Windows Services Monitoring

Internal Server Resources Monitoring

View in-depth performance stats on the files, directories, and event logs on your Windows servers. Set thresholds by specifying keywords, severity, and facility levels, and receive instant notification upon breach of these set thresholds. These are some of the resources that we monitor:

Monitor your Files, Directories, & Event Logs

100+ Plugin Integrations

HP iLO Monitoring


MySQL Monitoring


NGINX Monitoring


Nagios Integration


Apache Zookeeper Monitoring

Apache Zookeeper

Elasticsearch Monitoring


Virtual Private Network Monitoring


HAProxy Monitoring


ActiveMQ Monitoring


Software Updates Monitoring

Software Updates

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