End to End Performance Monitoring of your Windows Servers

Our Windows monitoring tool gives you intuitive insights on the performance of your Windows server and Windows clusters within minutes, with customizable dashboards and on time alerts.
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Gain knowledge on key performance indicators of your Windows server.

Site24x7 Windows monitoring software lets you obtain critical inputs of your Windows server performance including:

  • A quick summary on the status and performance of your server over the last seven days through our heat map analysis
  • CPU/memory/disk utilization
  • Services and processes
  • Network statistics including bandwidth utilized by the server
  • Processor queue length and uptime.
 Windows Device Snapshot

Monitor all your Microsoft applications in one go.

With our expanding list of Microsoft integrations, start monitoring all your Windows applications in a single console.

 Microsoft Windows applications.

Microsoft failover cluster monitoring made simple.

Monitor cluster details, nodes, resource groups, networks, and more. Set thresholds and be notified when the configured value exceeds.

Get metrics critical to the failover cluster performance including:

  • Number of nodes, networks, online and offline resource groups
  • Metrics related to resource stats and network messages communicated
  • Name, status and the nodes in which the resource group is running
  • Name, address, status of the network along with bytes received/sent per second
  • Data on the cluster disk including free space, used space and total space available

Track your server resources using file, directory, and event log monitoring.

Add numerous checks and have all the resources on your Windows server monitored proactively. Be instantly notified when a particular check fails by setting keywords, severity and facility levels.

Windows Resource Check.

Create your own plugins.

Network and server administrators often require specific monitoring data that goes beyond the scope of vendors’ standard monitoring solutions. With Site24x7 Plugins, you can create custom plugins using DLL, Batch, PowerShell and VB scripts in Windows.

Set threshold values for individual attributes and configure alerts if values exceed the set limit. Performance charts for custom attributes can also be viewed on the Site24x7 dashboard.

Windows plugins.

Extensive performance reports and alerting system.

Our Windows server performance monitoring provides customizable graphical interfaces and reports where you can view and compare metrics your way.

  • Availability Summary Report
  • Busy Hours Report
  • Health Trend Report
  • Performance Report

Get instant alerts on downtimes and check failures by setting up notification profiles.

Linux customization.

How it works?

  • Download and install the Windows agent in the server
  • The agent will collect critical metrics such as CPU, memory and disk usage
  • Configure thresholds and stay alerted during downtime instantaneously
  • Start/stop services from a mobile device

Watch video: Windows Server Monitoring in Action

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