Windows cluster monitoring made easy with Site24x7.

Measure the performance of Microsoft failover cluster by knowing the number of nodes, cluster networks, storage stats and resource groups.
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Determining the status of the failover cluster.

Get a global status overview of all the nodes in a Windows cluster, all from a single, intuitive interface.

The Windows cluster monitoring tool gives details on:

  • The number of nodes in a Windows cluster
  • Number of networks used by the server cluster for communication
  • The count of resources that are currently online/offline
  • The status of the cluster node if it is in the up/down/joining/paused/unknown state

Gain knowledge on network reconnections and state of the resource groups.

Monitor Windows failover cluster performance and get to know the network messages communicated and the resource type stats. Get metrics including:

  • Cluster network bytes sent and received between the nodes
  • The reconnection count
  • New cluster messages received/sent on the network
  • Resource group failure across nodes
  • The resource type causing most failures (Deadlock/access violation)

Real-time stats on the disk utilization of your Windows cluster.

Monitor the storage utilization of the Windows failover cluster and oversee critical parameters including:

  • Total size of the disk
  • Free/Used space in the partition
  • Volume label of the disk partition
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