Status and incident communication for modern software teams

Downtime is inevitable. But burning out support agents and providing poor user experiences doesn't need to be. With Site24x7 Signals, you can effortlessly communicate service disruptions, planned maintenance, and real-time statuses to customers and end users.

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All the right features to turn downtime into your memorable customer experience


Communicate status for every part of your service

Modern applications are composed of small independent services that communicate over APIs. Create components for each unit of your software, or for critical parts that affect your users the most. You can also group similar components to publish high-level service status in a clean, easy to follow format.

Status page displaying the various functional units of an application

Your status page in your own brand

Showcase and preserve branding throughout the entire incident life cycle. Upload your logo or favicon, map your own domain to the default status page address, or authorize Site24x7 Signals to send notifications on behalf of your email domain to improve recognition and trust.

Shows the available status page customization options

Keep your customers in the loop

Quickly acknowledge issues by manually adding an incident, or route alert emails from third-party monitoring tools to automate incident creation. Also, communicate what's happening and what you're doing by sending out periodic updates.

Shows an ongoing incident

Help your customers plan ahead

Sometimes, you have to inform your customers about upcoming maintenance events to help them prepare for any potential impact. With Site24x7 Signals, you can create a one-time or recurring maintenance schedule that automatically updates the status page regarding the timing of these events and sends email notifications.

Shows a planned maintenance event

Drive down ticket volume during outages

Your customers don't want to visit your status page every time they're unable to access your service, and you don't want your support agents wasting time answering the same questions over and over. Send out notifications to your customers via email or SMS or enable them to subscribe to your status updates via RSS.

Sample Email and SMS alerts
Component subscriptions

Allow end users to fine-tune their subscription

Provide users more control over alerts. For example, customers can opt-in for email/SMS notifications about specific components they care about. Members of a team that take ownership of a particular service can also subscribe to email alerts for that component alone.

Subscribe to multiple notification channels

Do even more with your Site24x7 account

Sync status updates of components via Site24x7

Automate your status updates

Configure the resources monitored in the Site24x7 console as components to sync status and maintenance updates.

End-user experience scores plotted on a global map

Embrace transparency

Add performance and end-user experience metric charts to your status page to build trust with your customers.

How Site24x7 Signals helps you and your team

For Marketers

Need help convincing prospective customers? We've got you covered. Display historical uptime to show visitors how your service conforms with monthly service uptime commitments.

For Support

When users aren't able to access your service, they need to know whether the problem is related to their system or yours. Enhance self-diagnosis so users can confirm if what they're experiencing is related to the service disruption.

For IT admins

Add the distributed systems powering your internal and public services as status page components to keep you team in sync and immediately respond to events as they occur.

Better incident communication is just a click away